KTM Ultimate Race Results 2019

Cycle News Staff | April 29, 2019

2019 KTM Ultimate Race Video Highlights

2019 KTM Ultimate Race Final Results

American Myers wins, North America sweeps podium.

The 2019 KTM Ultimate Race finished it’s five-stage torture test of the new KTM 790 Adventure R today with a challenging 50km special through technical and tricky Moroccan dunes and American Scott Myers, the perennial front-runner in the inaugural event, held on for the win.

The winner of the KTM Ultimate Race
American Scott Myers is the 2019 KTM Ultimate Race winner. He gets a new bike! Photo: Marcin Kin

The 2019 KTM Ultimate Race is an invite-only experience for regional winners of KTM Ultimate Race qualifiers held around the world. For his victory, Scott Myers will receive a brand new KTM 790 Adventure R.

Scott Myers finishes the KTM Ultimate Race
Myers holds on for the win! Photo: Marcin Kin

Despite a big crash 15km from the finish, Myers managed to cross the finish line second-fastest on the day, and with enough time advantage overall to win the event by nearly an hour on adjusted time. New Zealand rider Archer got back to his speedy ways today and won the stage over Myers by over four minutes.

Canadian Radek Burkat started the final stage in second place and finished seventh at the finish 30 minutes behind Archer. His efforts were good enough to secure him second place overall.

American Jordan Huibregtse started the final stage in third place and finished the mass-start stage right behind Burkat in eight. His overall performance in Morocco, despite some challenging days, was good enough to secure him third place overall–completing a North American sweep of the international podium for coach Quinn Cody of KTM North America’s U.S.-Based Research and Development team.

KTM Ultimate Race Finishers celebrate
American Jordan Huibregtse (left) and Canadian Radek Burkat (right) celebrate after finishing the KTM Ultimate Race. Burkat finished second overall and Huibregtse capped the podium in third, making it a North American sweep. Photo: Marcin Kin

Cody reported from the finish that the mass-start stage today was “super challenging that was hard on everyone.” He added, “It was pretty awesome seeing 790’s eat up 450 Rally Bikes in the dunes!”

KTM 790 Adventure R's race across the dunes
KTM Ultimate Race competitors raced alongside the Merzouga Rally racers, taking stock KTM 790 Adventure R’s on the same course as fully-spec’d 450-class rally bikes. Photo: Marcin Kin

As KTM Ultimate Race competitors were riding stock KTM 790 Adventure R machines, on essentially the same course as regular rally competitors competing in the Merzouga Rally, the mix of 450-class rally bikes and KTM’s new 790 on the same stages was impressive from the Cody’s perspective.

Results from stage 5 of the KTM Ultimate Race
2019 KTM Ultimate Race Final Result
2019 KTM Ultimate Race Final Results

2019 KTM Ultimate Race Stage 4 Update

KTM Ultimate Race Day 4 Action
South Africa’s Greg Hodgskin took today’s stage 4 victory at the KTM Ultimate Race

The 2019 KTM Ultimate Race saw quite the shakeup as today’s stage 4 concluded and the results sifted through the Moroccan sand.

Stage 4 was the second half of a two-day marathon where riders are on their own overnight to repair and prep bikes, and all KTM Ultimate Race riders escaped that challenge with little or no drama according to our source in the bivouac. There were a few crashes and some fixes to be had, but all-in-all there was good teamwork and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves despite the significant challenge of racing stock adventure bikes on a rally course in crazy soft sand littered with rock bombs.

Yesterday’s big winners were today’s big losers as the New Zealand duo of Archer and Kent were cut down in the dunes by a tough day and a confusing end that saw them miss the actual finish of the stage, resulting in a 12 hour penalty at the end of today’s stage. This clearly takes them out of contention along with two other riders who suffered the same fate and one rider who did not start the day’s race.

KTM Ultimate Race competitor Scott Myers
After four stages, American Scott Myers continues to lead the 2019 KTM Ultimate Race. Photo: Marcin Kin

As for the winners of the day, the first honor goes to South African Greg Hodgskin. He had a great Stage 4, clearing the field by 2:30.

Second on the day was overall leader Scott Myers from the U.S.A. with Canadian Radek Burkat in third around 14:44 behind the leader.

Canadian Radek Burkat during stage four of the KTM Ultimate Race
Radek Burkat kept his consistent performance rolling on stage 4 and holds down second place overall at the 2019 KTM Ultimate Race

American Jordan Huibregtse rebounded from Stage 3’s struggles and finished in fourth today about two minutes behind Burkat at 16:33 off the leader’s pace.

Germany’s Sebastian Blum rounded out the top five on the stage, 32:33 back from the leader.

Today’s results have settled the top three overall standings with Myers in control of a 33:37 cushion over Burkat in second. Huibregtse is in third, 42:53 behind Myers.

KTM Ultimate Race 2019 Stage 3 Update

KTM Ultimate Race competitors entered the third stage of the Merzouga Rally today with Americans Scott Myers and Jordan Huibregtse leading the charge in first and second place. But the speed of the Kiwis, the sands of Morocco, and the always mysterious rally penalties coming in hotter than a plate of French Toast, have shaken up the results. So, where are we after the first day of a marathon stage overnighter?

American Myers Still Leads The Charge at KTM Ultimate Race

KTM Ultimate Race 2019
American Scott Myers is still leading after the third day of competition at the KTM Ultimate Race 2019

American Scott Myers is still in the lead after taking the day’s win and holding off a hard-charging Kiwi by only 26 seconds! The New Zealand rider’s name is either Kevin Wilson Archer or Wilson Kevin Archer depending on how you read the race results from across the world and he was absolutely charging today. American Huibregtse struggled in the sand with speed today dropping over 22 minutes off the leader pace. Radek Burkat, the Canadian beast, is being incredibly consistent with another third place finish on the day.

Canadian Radek Burkat Shows Consistency is Key

KTM Ultimate Race Radek Burkat
Canadian Radek Burkat is the most consistently fast rider in the KTM Ultimate Race and sits in second after three stages. Photo: Marcin Kin

Overall, the results have Myers in first with Burkat moving into second place 21:23 behind the American. If Myers rides mistake free to the finish, he should be in a good position to take the keep his leadership position. But count on Burkat to be there to take advantage of any mistakes. Kiwi rider Archer moves into third, 24:39 back from the lead, and is in striking distance as well. The race for second is really tight with only a few minutes separating Burkat and Archer.

Challenging day for American Huibregtse

KTM Ultimate Race 2019
American Jordan Huibregtse (shown here from stage 2) lost some time today battling the speed of some of the sand sections. But, he is still in contention for a great finish and will be right there if any of the top three make a mistake. Photo: Marcin Kin

After a challenging day, Huibregtse moves to fourth overall, 28:50 down. Fifth place is another Kiwi, Michael Elliot Kent or Elliot Michael Kent, we’re not sure which. He’s only 30:52 off the pace of Myers. So, from second to fifth we have a gap of about 8:30–which can go by in in an instant if you have an issue in the soft sand of Moroccan dunes. We could easily see a podium shakeup before the race is over.

KTM Ultimate Race Course is the Real Deal

KTM Ultimate Race Results Day 3 2019
The Kiwi Team, lead by Archer $405, is on-the-gas at the KTM Ultimate Race and are charging towards the podium. The course is extremely challenging and the stock KTM 790 Adventure R’s seem to be taking the beating just fine. Photo: Marcin Kin

Our embedded reporter in the bivouac, and American Coach Quinn Cody has told us that the race course the KTM Ultimate Race competitors are racing is, essentially, the entire Merzouga Rally course. But they’re doing it on stock Adventure motorcycles and the rally racers are on 450 rally bikes.

Also, this is a marathon stage with all riders currently in the marathon bivouac away from the rock-and-roll lifestyle of factory mechanics and world-class coaches they’ve grown accustomed to. So, they are left to their own devices to repair any of today’s damage and come out swinging for stage four!

KTM Ultimate Race Stage 3 Results

Race results from stage three of the KTM Ultimate Race 2019 before any penalties are issued before stage

KTM Ultimate Race Stage 3 Overall Standings

Overall results as of the finish of Stage three of the 2019 KTM Ultimate Race

KTM Ultimate Race Update – Through Stage 2

KTM Ultimate Race competitors took off along the course of the 2019 Merzouga Rally in Morocco this week and after the Prologue and two stages, Americans Scott Myers and Jordan Huibregtse lead the way of the tight competition.

Scott Myers Leads The Way In KTM Ultimate Race Competition 2019

KTM Ultimate Race Results 2019
Scott Myers is off to a good start at the KTM Ultimate Race, which in running in conjunction with the Merzouga Rally in Morocco. Photo: Marcin Kin

Myers and Huibregtse earned their way into the KTM Ultimate Race—where the winner will receive a new KTM 790 Adventure R—by winning the KTM Ultimate Race Qualifier at the KTM Adventure Rider Rally held in Park City, Utah last summer.

The duo is currently leading on-course for the two-day marathon stage, which will test their independence as only they and fellow competitors are allowed to work on the bikes overnight between stages three and four. Myers holds a 6:05 advantage over Huibregtse going into the first half of the marathon stage.

Canadian Radek Burkat currently sits in third position only 7:30 back from the lead.

American Huibregtse Is Haulin’ Too In KTM Ultimate Race 2019

KTM Ultimate Race Results 2019
Jordan Huibregtse Photo: Marcin Kin

The American riders started off strong with Myers taking the lead on the short Prologue stage to start the rally. Huibregtse came in seventh on the prologue. Myers kept the overall lead after Stage 1 with a 3:02 advantage over second. Huibregtse improved on his first and finished Stage 1 sitting in fourth overall. Yesterday during Stage 2 the Americans aligned in the top two spots overall.

With the marathon stage currently underway, a lot can happen in the overall results. The simplest of mechanical issues can spell disaster for competitors. More updates to come from this exciting competition inside the Merzouga Rally!

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