Safer Motorcycling Research Consortium Announced

Press Release | February 19, 2019

Six of the largest motorcycle manufacturers have joined forces to create the Safer Motorcycling Research Consortium. The objectives include cooperating on research focusing on the following:

  • The integration of motorcycling into the modern transportation ecosystem.
  • Enhancing and improving infrastructure and operations to advance traffic safety and protect the motorcycle rider and passenger.
  • Improving Human Factor elements that affect motorcyclist safety.
Safer Motorcycling Research Consortium

The following is the press release from SMRC…

Washington DC (February 19, 2019 – Six motorcycle manufacturers have joined together with the vision of increasing safety for on-road riders in the United States through data driven approaches and collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

American Honda Motor Company, BMW Motorrad, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Indian Motorcycle Company, Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA and Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA have teamed up to form the Safer Motorcycling Research Consortium (SMRC). The organization was formally incorporated in Washington, DC as a 501(c)(6) non-profit entity to develop strategies to advance and integrate on-road motorcyclists’ safety through data driven research and collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

The Board of Directors, appointed by the founding member companies, will coordinate and facilitate pre-competitive research activities in collaboration with the interests of relevant federal agencies. SMRC will also include input from associate members consisting of other OEMs, motorcycle-industry suppliers, and technical or scientific organizations engaged in the field of on-road motorcycle safety.

The Safer Motorcycling Research Consortium is committed to increasing the safety of riders through the pursuit of meaningful pre-competitive research and advancement of modern traffic safety. For more information, please visit us at:

Safer Motorcycling Research Consortium Manufacturers

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