The Mint 400 Announces The Return of the Bikes

Press Release | December 13, 2018

Motorcycles to return to “The Great American Off-Road Race”

The Mint 400 Announces The Return of the Bikes

This is a press release from The Mint…

The Martelli Brothers announced more details today about the return of motorcycles to The Mint 400 for the first time since 1976. Multiple classes will compete on a 80-mile singletrack course designed to challenge even the most seasoned desert moto racers. The event is expected to attract motorcycle racers from around the planet to battle it out for a chance to etch their name into the history books alongside the greats such as Jack Johnson, J.N. Roberts, and Max Switzer. Included in the race are two vintage classes 1980 – 1990, and 1979 and older, as well as desert classes including pro motorcycle, expert motorcycle, amateur motorcycle, Ironman and newly minted father & son, women and relay team classes.

The Mint 400 Announces The Return of the Bikes

Each registered motorcycle team will receive one of these limited-edition posters as part of their entry in to The Great American Off-Road Race™.

“Bikes have always been the gateway to off-roading. Most off-road racers got their start on a bike somewhere in their childhood. They are still the most affordable way to off-road. Motocross, supercross, desert racing, hill climbing, and free-riding used to be more directly connected. Years ago if you rode a bike, you pretty much rode everything. We want The Mint 400 to be the catalyst to reconnect off-road bike culture in America. We welcome friends, families, pros, women, and industry veterans to all come be a part of The Mint,” stated Mint 400 CEO, Matt Martelli.

The Mint 400 Announces The Return of the Bikes

The early years of The Mint 400 were defined by the true daredevil spirit of racing and the bike racers were kings. Starting five wide alongside trucks and buggies, motorcycles dominated The Mint 400 in the early days and beat the four-wheel vehicles by two to four hours typically. Yamaha and Husqvarna have been the only two manufactures to win The Mint 400 overall.

The Mint 400

At the Mint next year the top classes will race three laps, while the Ironman, Vintage and other select classes will race two. The green flag will drop at the Official Mint 400 Primm Valley Start/Finish Line just after sunrise and the race will end grand prix style. “We want to give the bike racers the respect they deserve. They are the unsung heroes of our sport. They literally risk life and limb to be the fastest in the desert. We will be including the bikes in our digital and TV coverage as well as live stream coverage on Saturday. We’re thrilled to be bringing back this important part of The Mint 400’s history,” stated Mint 400 COO, Josh Martelli.

The Mint 400 Announces The Return of the Bikes

The bikes will rocket off the line Saturday morning and race into the early afternoon starting from the Mint 400 start/finish in Primm, NV behind Buffalo Bill’s resort and Casino.

The addition of bikes and a second day of racing is expected to draw an even greater pool of race teams and thousands more spectators, once again solidifying the Mint 400 as the biggest and best off-road race in North America.

Information regarding Tech & Contingency class schedule will be released in the coming weeks. Visit for more information.


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