ARCH Motorcycle teams up with Bosch for ABS

Rennie Scaysbrook | November 7, 2018

ARCH Motorcycle teams up with Bosch for ABS—ABS systems are a fact of life on nearly all motorcycle with a license plate. From 2016, it’s been illegal to sell a road-going motorcycle in Europe without an ABS system fitted, and what sells in Europe, sells here.

Homegrown motorcycle manufacturer, California’s ARCH Motorcycle, recently took a visit to the Bosch proving grounds in Michigan to experience ABS on their KRGT-1 streetbike and made these series of videos for you to check out below. We also did a similar series back in 2015, the videos you can see at the bottom of this post.

Bosch/ARCH Motorcycle Introduction

Two Wheel ABS explained

Bosch/ARCH Motorcycle relationship

Testing and developing Bosch ABS for ARCH Motorcycle

Cycle News testing of Bosch Cornering ABS system


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