Ricky Brabec Out of Dakar Rally

Jean Turner | January 19, 2018

Ricky Brabec Out of Dakar Rally – Ricky Brabec, American rider of the Monster Energy Honda team, has reportedly pulled out of the Dakar Rally. On the penultimate stage of the 15-day rally, Brabec’s hopes of reaching the finish have faded due to a mechanical issue. According to the Dakar Rally live news feed, Brabec’s CRF450 Rally caught fire at the 52 km point in the special stage.

Brabec had been running sixth overall, and was in a fourth-place position during today’s stage 13. After being stuck at the point for four hours, unable to repair his bike, Brabec has thrown in the towel.

Ricky Brabec Out of Dakar Rally 2018
Ricky Brabec out of the Dakar Rally after a mechanical issue on stage 13. Photography by Monster Energy Honda

Look for more info in the upcoming Dakar Rally stage 13 report.

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