2017 KTM Adventure Rider Rally Vendor Bender | Trail Tech

Jesse Ziegler | October 11, 2017

Trail Tech Was One of Many Vendors at the 2017 KTM Adventure Rider Rally.

The 2017 KTM Adventure Rider Rally was held in Crested Butte, Colorado for the second time in three years. With nearly 500 attendees including a massive staff of KTM event planners, celebrity riders, world-class racers and helpful technicians, it was a popular destination, to say the least. On top of that, nearly 30 vendors from the Adventure Motorcycling industry showcased their latest adventure-motorcycle gear and services.

We had a quick chat with Trail Tech’s Joshua Barton inside their booth at the KTM Adventure Rider Rally to see why they made the trip, what kind of cool new stuff they have and what they think the KTM Adventure Rider Rally is all about.

2017 KTM Adventure Rider Rally Vendor Bender | Trail Tech

What product is drawing the most interest from the attendees at the KTM Rally?

Joshua Barton: We’re seeing interest starting with our maintenance meters. A lot of questions in this group are around monitoring what’s going on with their machines like, how do I monitor the water temperature or voltage from my bike. We offer solutions for that that are simple and affordable.

On the other end, we are always excited to show customers our Voyager GPS systems. If you’re going out, the Voyager is a great way to keep track of where you’re at and where you’ve been while allowing you to manage your rides effectively. It’s great for anything from single-track to street and single-track mixed rides. Plus it integrates into your vehicle with the temperature and voltage data.

We have some new LED light technology coming out in a couple weeks we know will be popular as well. But what always work well for riders at events like this are our fan kits. It’s really grown in the last few years with their integrated temperature gauge and customized on and off settings that allow you, as a rider, to set when your fan turns on and when it turns off.

Why should riders consider attending the KTM Adventure Rider Rally?

Joshua Barton: If you are a bleed-orange kind of rider, this is the place for you. If you look around you’ll see that these are the right vendors for this class of bike. The locations are always fantastic and the support you receive from KTM at these events is great. From demo rides to the planned routes, they just do a fantastic job.

For us, a good way to look at it is if you were to look at a live heat map for Trail Tech customer or potential customer concentration in the country, Crested Butte would be bright red right now. They are at this event. This is where the hard-core KTM vendors and riders need to be.CN

For more information about Trail Tech, visit www.trailtech.net

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