Bel-Ray/Colton Haaker Interview

Press Release | May 15, 2017

Bel-Ray interviewed its team rider Colton Haaker. The interview delves into Colton’s production company (Plaeco) along with his favorite X-Games and more.

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This is a press release from Bel-Ray…

You’re a big enthusiast of video production and viral videos, what sparked your interest in video production?

“I’ve always been interested in film and being the subject of a video through riding. Now I enjoy both sides of the lens and creating things that inspire me.”

How has co-founding a production company (Plaeco) affected your mentality towards racing?

“Plaeco is a lifestyle brand and Plaeco Branding House (the media side) are two separate entities. I enjoy working with both sides of the company. It’s allowed me to become much more streamlined with everything I am invested in.”

You’ve been with Rockstar/Husqvarna for a few years now, how has joining this team helped you with your success?

“Being part of the team has been amazing. It’s takin a lot of the day-to-day bike preparation out of my hands, giving me the peace of mind that when I enter a race everything is prepared to win.”

Do you have a specific Bel-Ray product that is your go to? What kind of improvements have you noticed since using Bel-Ray?

“I love the Bel-Ray Bike Wash because it really helps remove all that dirt and grime quickly after a race.

Do you have any good luck rituals you partake in before heading into a big race?

“I don’t have any specific rituals because I try not to get inside my head before a big race.”

The 2016-2017 seasons were a great year for you, winning the FIM SuperEnduro World Championship and AMA EnduroCross National, how did you prepare for such big races? How did you celebrate after you won?

“I prepared by doing a lot of work mentally and physically. A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into winning those championships. It feels great knowing that all the hours I’ve put in have paid off.

To celebrate this last championship I had a little get together with some friends and purchased the truck I’d always wanted.”

What advice would you give to anyone struggling in their favorite sport or taking on a new challenge?

“If it was easy it wouldn’t be worth doing. Determination and perseverance will help you reach your goals.”

Do you have a specific X Games that has been your favorite to compete in and why?

“The early X Games in the staples center were the most fun. The tracks were really unique and I never thought I would race inside the Staples Center so that was rad.”

How has changing over to Snow BikeCross riding been? What are you biggest challenges so far?

“The biggest challenge was getting over the fact that it wasn’t a dirt bike. It was a snow bike and I had to adjust my riding style to fit the bike.

Growing up in California, did you participate in any other sports?

“Growing up I played a lot of basketball.”

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