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Press Release | February 16, 2017

Colton Aeck Recovering from injuries he sustained at Monster Energy Supercross in Arlington

Road 2 Recovery Foundation

This is a press release from Road 2 Recovery Foundation…

Encinitas, CA (February 16, 2017) – 450 Privateer rider, Colton Aeck was critically injured in a heat race at the Monster Energy Supercross in Arlington, TX on Saturday, February 11th.  His extensive injuries include a fully collapsed left lung, broken left scapula, eight broken ribs, and he broke his T-12 and L-1 vertebrae.

On Tuesday, February 14th Colton had a successful surgery to repair his vertebrae and address his other injuries. The doctors were able to stabilize his spine by placing a rod in his back and fusing his T11 to L2. After suffering some complications post-surgery doctors performed multiple procedures yesterday, February 15th. One of the producers included putting back in a modified chest tube. It was earlier reported by Road 2 Recovery via their Instagram that Colton had three surgeries; this was an error and confused with his “procedures” that were preformed, he has had only one surgery. After being in ICU in a local Dallas/Fort Worth hospital for five days, Colton is now being transferred to the Critical Care Unit today where his is expected to stay for the next week before he is released.

Colton has regained all of his feeling in his lower body however he has limited movement. With the slight spinal cord damage that was sustained Colton will start off in a wheelchair with a short-term goal of walking with assistance of a walker and one day walking unassisted again. This is going to be a long road ahead but with the support of his family, friends and fans, Colton is expected to make a full recovery.

Once Colton is admitted into a California based extensive SCI therapy center, he will began to work on all of the skills that are needed to get back to a full recovery. Currently it is unknown how long he will be expected to stay or how much insurance will cover. On average, the patient’s cost for a facility like this is about $1700 a day. This will be an expensive recovery process for the Aeck family not just the rehabilitation process but Colton’s father is expecting to have to take off work to help with his care and the expenses that were incurred during their stay in Dallas.

Colton Aeck - Road 2 Recovery Foundation

You can help with Colton’s recovery process by donating to his R2R Cause here or go to this link https://road2recovery.com/cause-view/colton-aeck/. All donations are tax deductible. If you are unable to donate please keep the Aeck family in your thoughts and prayers.

The Aeck family would like to thank everyone for all the love and support and most of all your prayers. You can keep updated on Colton’s progress and leave positive messages on his R2R Fund page here https://road2recovery.com/cause-view/colton-aeck/. Show your support by using this hashtag when posting on social media #ColtonAeckR2R.

Colton Aeck Recovering from injuries he sustained at Monster Energy Supercross in Arlington

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