Friday Feature: Drag Racing 101

Paul Carruthers | September 30, 2011

When Eddie Krawiec lines up for any given NHRA Full Throttle Pro Stock final, chances are he does so while sitting across from a rival on a motorcycle that’s powered by an engine that Krawiec and his fellow Vance & Hines engineers had a direct hand in developing and building. Guess you could say a lot of the time he’s racing against his own team.

“It sounds weird, but as you are working on your competitors stuff and you go to hand it to them at a race, you know how good it is, how fast it is,” Krawiec said while leading a tour of the immaculate Vance & Hines engine room in Brownsburg, Indiana. “When I hand it to ‘em, I cringe because this is the person who could beat us.”

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