Demuth Pulls Away

| November 17, 2003

Josh Demuth came into the Worcester, Massachusetts, National Arenacross with a very slim two-point lead over Darcy Lange, who shared Demuth’s win total of two. However, while Lange achieved another two wins over the weekend as Demuth only managed one, the Canadian faltered in both of the weekend’s 125cc mains, finishing 12th and eighth, while Demuth never finished worse than second for the second-straight weekend.

The result? Lange now sits a full 18 points behind Demuth in the chase for this year’s championship. Although there’s still a long way to go, Demuth is sitting pretty once again.

Jeff Willoh caught fire this weekend in New England after a disappointing opening round in Albany, New York. Willoh finished as high as second, but more importantly never finished worse than fourth.

Local hero John Dowd, of nearby Chicopee, Massachusetts, had somewhat lackluster results on the weekend, although he felt better about this weekend than he did the opener.

“I feel we got a little bit better overall this weekend,” Dowd said. “The results didn’t show it, but I feel we’re a lot closer to where we need to be.”


DFC: 1. Josh Demuth (Yam); 2. Tommy Hofmaster (Yam); 3. Darcy Lange (Kaw); 4. Brandon Bartz (Yam); 5. Buddy Antunez (Hon); 6. Ty Wallace (Yam).

125 MAIN: 1. Tommy Hofmaster (Yam); 2. Josh Demuth (Yam); 3. Jeff Willoh (Suz); 4. Buddy Antunez (Suz); 5. Brad Hagseth (Hon); 6. Jim Neese (Suz); 7. John Dowd (Suz); 8. Justin Brayton (Hon); 9. Shawn Clark (Kaw); 10. Brandon Bartz (Yam); 11. Keith Johnson (Hon); 12. Darcy Lange (Kaw); 13. Jeff Northrop (Kaw); 14. Brad Modjewski (Suz); 15. Robby McQuary (Yam).

250 MAIN: 1. Darcy Lange (Kaw); 2. Josh Demuth (Yam); 3. Tommy Hofmaster (Yam); 4. Jeff Willoh (Suz); 5. Jeff Northrop (Kaw); 6. Shawn Clark (Kaw); 7. Ty Wallace (Yam); 8. Justin Brayton (Hon); 9. Jim Neese (Suz); 10. Brad Hagseth (Hon); 11. Buddy Antunez (Hon); 12. Keith Johnson (Hon); 13. Tom Kelley (Suz); 14. Brandon Bartz (Yam); 15. Chuck Mesley (KTM).


DFC: 1. Josh Demuth (Yam); 2. Darcy Lange (Kaw); 3. John Dowd (Suz); 4. Justin Brayton (Hon); 5. Shawn Clark (Kaw); 6. Tommy Hofmaster (Yam).

125 MAIN: 1. Josh Demuth (Yam); 2. Jeff Willoh (Suz); 3. Brad Hagseth (Hon); 4. Tommy Hofmaster (Yam); 5. John Dowd (Suz); 6. Keith Johnson (Hon); 7. Jeff Northrop (Kaw); 8. Darcy Lange (Kaw); 9. Brandon Bartz (Yam); 10. Buddy Antunez (Hon); 11. Justin Brayton (Hon); 12. Brad Modjewski (Suz); 13. Robby McQuary (Yam); 14. Shawn Clark (Kaw); 15. Nathan Broughton (Suz).

250 MAIN: 1. Darcy Lange (Kaw); 2. Josh Demuth (Yam); 3. Tommy Hofmaster (Yam); 4. Jeff Willoh (Suz); 5. Shawn Clark (Kaw); 6. John Dowd (Suz); 7. Brandon Bartz (Yam); 8. Keith Johnson (Hon); 9. Jeff Northrop (Kaw); 10. Justin Brayton (Hon); 11. Brad Hagseth (Hon); 12. Ty Wallace (Yam); 13. Randy Woodring (Kaw); 14. Jeremy Durrett (KTM); 15. Buddy Antunez (Hon).

NATIONAL ARENACROSS SERIES POINTS STANDINGS (After 2 of 11 rounds): 1. Josh Demuth (150/3 wins); 2. Darcy Lange (132/4 wins); 3. Tommy Hofmaster (121/1 win); 4. Jeff Willoh (94); 5. John Dowd (93); 6. Brad Hagseth (90); 7. Jeff Northrop (85); 8. Buddy Antunez (83); 9. Justin Brayton (82); 10. Brandon Bartz (77); 11. Keith Johnson (75); 12. Jim Neese (60); 13. Shawn Clark (58); 14. Brad Modjewski (28); 15. Randy Woodring (25).

By Steve Cox