Rieju Motorcycle News & Reviews

Rieju was founded in Spain in 1934 and manufactured bicycle accessories and mopeds. In 1953, the first 175cc motorcycle was produced and that evolved into several scooter and small displacement motorcycles. The brand entered the off-road market with basic bikes in 1977 and higher performance 50 and 74cc models became very popular. 80cc off-road competition bikes were included in many off-road competitions, including the ISDE through the 80’s and Rieju offered a competitive model called the Marathon.
Rieju was strong in Spain and started to expand globally in the mid-90’s and the competitively priced bikes grew in popularity with new models, including electric scooters, helping to drive the brand.
In 2020, Rieju purchased the remnants of the former GasGas factory and technology after KTM purchased GasGas. This allowed Rieju to rebrand some several models and enter the more competitive off-road motorcycle market and expand its business outside of Europe. Rieju USA offers the MR Pro 300cc two-stroke and the MR Ranger in 200cc and 300cc two-stroke off-road models that feature a lower seat height and more affordable price point.

Rieju Bike News & Reviews