Covid Crusher 2.0 Extreme Enduro Results

Press Release | February 17, 2021

The SEER Racing organization held its Covid Crusher 2.0 Extreme Enduro in Hollytree, Alabama, February 13. And it was a tough one.

Covid Crusher Extreme Enduro Results
(L-R) Quinn Wentzel, winner Ryder LeBlond and Nick Fahringer made up the Gold-Class and overall podium at the Covid Crusher 2.0 Extreme Enduro in Alabama. Photos: Patsy Davis

It took the top riders just under three hours to complete three laps of the eight-mile course, which featured many rocky creek beds and deep slippery ruts. The race, which featured a record turnout of 180 riders, boiled down to a three-man battle for the win. Ryder LeBlond (Husqvarna), Quinn Wentzel (Rieju) and Nick Fahringer (Sherco) all had a shot at the win, with each one leading the race at one time or another. Most of the back and forth for the top spot happened between LeBlond and Wentzel, on the Rieju (the original GasGas brand) 300cc two-stroke. Wentzel was the early leader, but it was LeBlond who led the most laps and the most important lap–the last one.

Quinn Wentzel
Wentzel, on the Rieju 300cc two-stroke, was second overall.

LeBlond had room to spare as he took the checkered flag over Wentzel for the overall and Gold-Class victory. Fahringer, last year’s winner, ended up third.

Jeremiah Burkhart finished a distant fourth, while Chris Gary rounded out the top five overall.

Nathan Taylor, 17th overall, was the top-finishing Silver-Class racer.

VIDEO | SEER Series Covid Crusher 2.0 Race Highlights

Covid Crusher 2.0 Extreme Enduro Results

  1.  Ryder Leblond (Hus)
  2.  Quinn Wentzel (Rie)
  3.  Nick Fahringer (She)
  4.  Jeremiah Burkhart (KTM)
  5.  Chris Gary
  6.  Drew Kirby
  7.  Joseph Toole
  8.  Billy Myers
  9.  Robert Cornwell
  10.  Jackson Davis

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