2020 SoCal Vintage Motocross Classic

Jean Turner | November 3, 2020

Scott Burnworth and crew put on the 11th annual SoCal Vintage Motocross Classic at Glen Helen Raceway on Saturday, October 24, and after having to be postponed and rescheduled due to Covid complications, vintage racers were rewarded for their patience with the first cool weekend of the fall.

Shaun Kalos (911) at SoCal Vintage MX Classic
Shaun Kalos (911) leads the way in the 100cc Works Revenge at Scott Burnworth’s 11th Annual SoCal Vintage Motocross Classic. Photos: Jean Turner

Photos by Jean Turner

Overcast skies and perfect brown-sugar dirt were a welcome sight for racers young and old, and machinery even younger and older. The day was highlighted by some outstanding rides by vintage motocross stalwarts, including Nick LaPaglia, Shaun Kalos, Kurt Nicoll, and of course, Burnworth himself.

Warren Reid (522) at SoCal Vintage MX Classic
Warren Reid (522) former teammate of Marty Smith, raced the Marty Smith Memorial Cup in honor of his fallen friend.

This year’s proceedings included a memorial tribute to Marty Smith, the former factory motocross racer and one of the original stars of the sport in the 1970s; Smith and his wife, Nancy, were tragically killed in a dune buggy accident earlier this year. The Marty Smith Memorial Cup, limited to 125-250cc bikes of the Evolution and Vintage eras (pre 1983), featured machinery of the three-time AMA Pro Motocross Champion’s era. The honorary event drew appearances by legends such as Broc Glover, Ricky Johnson, Grant Langston and Donnie Hansen, as well as Glen Helen motocross regulars such as Todd DeHoop and Doug Dubach. Smith’s children Jillyin, Brooke and Tyler, were also in attendance, with Tyler lining up to race in honor of his parents.

Two-Stroke Trophee des Nations
Racers take on the Two-Stroke Trophee des Nations, the single-moto team race.

More highlights of the event included the Meister Cup (Maico’s only), the CZ Challenge (CZ’s only), the 100cc Works Revenge, and the single-moto Trophee Des 2-Stroke Team Race. The modern bikes also have a chance to get out on the track, offering a chance for racers to pit their new bikes alongside their vintage iron, as many riders did.

Broc Glover (J18) at SoCal Vintage MX Classic
Broc Glover (J18) jumps out to a good start in the Marty Smith Memorial Cup. The Golden Boy made a rare on-track appearance at the SoCal Vintage MX Classic.

With Larry “Supermouth” Huffman on the mic, interviews with honored guests, and the ringing of CZ’s, Maicos, Jawas and Triumphs in the hills, Saturday at Glen Helen was a walk back in motocross history, a treat to motocross enthusiasts of every era.


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