2020 Two-Stroke World Championships Results

Jean Turner | October 6, 2020

The Wiseco 2-Stroke World Championships presented by Fasthouse, originally slated to take place in April, finally took place on October 3, inviting expansion chambers and premix to flood the hills of Glen Helen Raceway. It comes as little surprise that Glen Helen regular Mike Alessi rode to victory in both the Open Pro and Pasha 30+ 125 Pro classes, pocketing nearly $4000 in prize money by the end of the day.

2020 Two-Stroke World Championships Results
Mike Alessi (800) was the big money maker at the Wiseco 2-Stroke World Championships at Glen Helen Raceway. Photo by Laurette Nicoll

The annual day of camless competition drew out some big names such as Josh Grant, Robbie and RJ Wageman and Justin Hoeft, but the only few fortunate enough to join Alessi on the podium were Dare Demartile and Carson Brown. Demartile chased down Alessi in the first moto for the win, but had to settle for second with his 1-5 overall score. Brown rounded out the podium with his 5-2 score followed by Hoeft (4-3) and Grant (3-4) who rounded out the top-five.

A generous $6000 purse put into three different 125 Pro classes by Pasha Ofshar, drew a good number of participants for the eighth-liter divisions. In the Pasha 30+ 125 Pro class, Alessi stormed to a 1-1 victory ahead of his former KTM race boss Kurt Nicoll. The 125 Pro title went to Colton Aeck with his 3-1 score, after first-moto winner Hoeft who only mustered a 13th place in the second moto.

In the Pasha 50+ 125 Pro class, Nicoll and Doug Dubach went 1-2 in the opening moto, setting the stage for another Nicoll/Dubach winner-take-all showdown in the second moto. However, neither was able to line up in the second moto (Nicoll’s KTM let go just after the finish of the 30+ Pro race), leaving Pete Murray to collect the spoils ahead of Kevin Barda and Jon Ortner.


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