Continental ContiTrailAttack 3 Tires Product Review

| March 17, 2020

Continental ContiTrailAttack 3 Tires Product Review

Originally introduced in 2007, the ContiTrailAttack was revised in 2009 and reintroduced as the Attack 2. Ten years later, Continental has gone back to the drawing board and added new technologies to its Attack line and is now offering the Trail Attack 3. These 90/10 street/dirt tires are made specifically for heavy adventure motorcycles and have been completely re-engineered with several cutting-edge design features not found in other brands. For starters, they arrive to the customer ready to ride due to a unique tire mold called “Traction Skin,” which leaves what Continental calls a “micro-rough” tread surface that requires no break-in by the rider.

By Keith Dowdle

The Continental ContiTrailAttack 3 are 90/10 street/dirt tires and are made specifically for heavy adventure motorcycles.

Additionally, they’re designed to reach optimum operating temperature in less than a mile. The Attack 3 tires are advertised to be quiet and long-lasting, with excellent agility and minimal rolling resistance due to the reduced number of grooves in the backbone. At the same time, they’re designed to maintain exceptional wet-weather characteristics thanks to drainage grooves on the shoulders and multi-directional grooves in key locations to bolster front-wheel braking, rear-wheel acceleration and enhanced grip on the sides.

Continental ContiTrailAttack 3 Tires Product Review | The Lowdown

MSRP: $149.76 Front $240.64 Rear

Stand-Out Feature: Super tacky ADV tires that beg for tight, fast corners on the tarmac

Continental ContiTrailAttack 3 Tires Product Review

Rider Analysis Continental ContiTrailAttack 3 Tires:

When I think about Continental ADV tires, I immediately think TKC80. For those who ride big adventure bikes off-road, the TKC80s have been the go-to tire for many years. However, the majority drives the market, and that means that most people would rather have a long-lasting, well-handling tire that’s more suited to twisty tarmac than rocky fire road, and the ContiTrailAttack lineup has been scratching that itch for years. However, its new Attack 3 had me scratching my head when they arrived for this review. I called the home office asking why they sent me used tires. Having worked on the OE level of the Powersports industry, I know all about press-prepped units, but I had never heard of press-prepped tires, and I thought that’s what I might be looking at. As it turns out, it’s Continental’s new “Traction Skin,” which makes the tires ready to ride without tiptoeing around until they’re worn in. It’s like putting on a set of scrubbed tires. If you watch F1, you know that scrubs are the most desired tires for drivers needing to push hard during strategic portions of the race, and you can do exactly that as soon as you ride away on these new Contis. There’s no actual wear on the tires—it’s merely a new way to release the tire from the mold that doesn’t leave a slick, shiny surface needing to be worn off by the customer.

I’m fortunate to live on one of the most spectacular roads in the north Georgia mountains, and the twisties start as soon as I leave my driveway. Typically, I take it easy until I know for sure that my tires are up to temp and ready to be pushed, and I always take it easy for the first several miles on new rubber. However, needing to see if these tires were “as advertised,” I rolled out and hit the gas hard to see if I could achieve any loss of grip. Knowing that my health insurance premium was paid, I pushed harder and harder, and the ContiTrailAttack 3s stuck like glue. I’ve never gone that fast on an ADV bike before. Flicking the bike from turn to turn, the Contis are stable, well-mannered and confidence-inspiring. Continental claims that these tires will maintain these handling characteristics throughout what’s predicted to be a very long life. However long they go, you’ll be smiling the whole time if you like riding fast on twisty roads.

Continental ContiTrailAttack 3 Tires Product Review

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