Team RMATVMC-KTM-WPS Glendale SX Race Report

Press Release | January 29, 2020

Blake Baggett earns 10th overall in the final standings, and Justin Bogle has a big get-off, ending his night at the hospital.

Team RMATVMC-KTM-WPS Glendale SX Race Report

This is a press release from Team Rocky Mountain ATV/MC-KTM-WPS…

Photos Courtesy of RMATVMC-KTM-WPS / Kardy Photo

Payson, UT (January 28, 2020) – Team Rocky Mountain ATV/MC-KTM-WPS visited the Valley of the Sun this past Saturday night as round four of the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross Series took over State Farm Stadium. At the first Triple Crown event of the season, team rider Blake Baggett kept on the power as he earned a top-10 finish for the night.

Blake Baggett started main-event one with his work cut out for him, as he found himself mid-pack after lap one. He quickly attacked the track, though, cutting his way forward and into the top five. Then in fifth place, Blake’s charge to the front came to a halt when he went down after overjumping the large quad at the end of the rhythm section. After re-entering the race in 17th place, he worked his way back to 12th place at the checkered flag.

Blake started main-event two in fifth place until the race was red-flagged for a downed rider. On the restart, Blake rounded the first lap in 10th place. The ODI-supported rider quickly cut through the field, hitting his marks every lap on the way to his eventual fourth-place finish. In the third and final main event, Blake rounded the first turn in third place and was pushing toward the front before another red flag was thrown.

After a mid-pack start at the restart, Blake was flying and started to move forward. After breaking into the top five, Blake made a clean pass for fourth place in the long rhythm section before getting tangled up with Zach Osborne and going down in the next corner. After remounting, Blake finished the final race in 14th place to earn 10th place overall in the final standings.

“Tonight wasn’t my night,” Baggett said. “The track was tricky tonight. I just didn’t get the starts I needed and minimize the mistakes tonight. The main thing is we leave here healthy. We will regroup and come back strong at Oakland next weekend.”

Team RMATVMC-KTM-WPS Glendale SX Race Report

Justin Bogle launched out of the gate in main-event one, but rounded the first turn buried at the tail end of the pack. With his work cut out for him, Justin battled his way forward to earn 14th place at the checkered flag. In the second main event, Justin would have a big get-off in the first turn taking a hard blow to his head.

After quick, excellent care by the Alpinestars medic crew [Alpinestars Mobile Medical Unit], it was decided it would be best for him to be checked out at the area hospital. After a number of tests, including a full-body CT scan, it was determined he had endured a general concussion and was released that evening.

Justin will be meeting his neurologist this week to begin AMA Supercross series’ regular concussion protocol and will be sitting out this weekend’s race in Oakland. As a team we fully support our riders and want what is best for them. We will post an update on Justin’s progress later this week.

The team will now head to RingCentral Coliseum in Oakland, California, for round five of the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross Series.

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