AZOP 2019 Gila Bend Hare Scramble Race Report

Press Release | January 9, 2020

AZOP racers head to Gila Bend to play in the mud at round 12 of the 2019 AZOP Rowley White RV series.

This is a race report provided by AZOP / Story and Photos by Miller Truby

Gila Bend, AZ (December 7-8, 2019) — With most of the class championships for the 2019 AZOP Rowley White RV Series having been awarded after the previous race in Lake Havasu, the series pulled into Gila Bend at the beginning of December intending to finish off the remaining points races for the trucks and buggies with a bang. There were five classes potentially up for grabs on Sunday and a track designed to punish heavy vehicles; the opportunities were plentiful for those in position to gain points and positions. Unusual weather for central Arizona brought a significant amount of rain in the days before the race—which was sponsored by Nash Powersports and Arizona Differential—left some massive puddles (some of which were better described as ponds) strewn around the course. While the standing water would prove problematic for several vehicles, the rain also tamped down the infamous Gila Bend silt beds, which are normally the major concern for this race.

AZOP 2019 Gila Bend Hare Scramble Race Report

The hare scramble-style weekend began with perfect weather and clear skies for Saturday’s early races, but the inches of rain that had fallen in days prior forced AZOP staff to run the PeeWee races on a makeshift course to avoid the deep water on the regular infield section of the track. The non-points races for the various bike and quad classes were hotly-contested, considering there was nothing beyond pride and a little bit of cash on the line. As the Saturday races finished up, the skies clouded over and a light rain fell most of the night, adding to the mud and standing water as the UTVs and Truck/Buggy classes took to the line for practice.

Needless to say, attrition was heavy, with several vehicles being forced to call it a day after only a few practice laps. The UTV classes were also non-points for this race, but that didn’t stop drivers from throwing their cars through the water and mud at full-send speeds, which resulted in more than half the field retiring in the first half of the race.

AZOP 2019 Gila Bend Hare Scramble Race Report

The Trucks and Buggies didn’t fare much better, with every vehicle except one being forced to come off the course at one point or another, either to retire or the make repairs. The exception to that was Savannah Wyllie who managed to finish 12 laps and take the overall win in her first race ever, beating out pro buggies and class 14 trucks while driving a Limited Sportsman buggy!

The final race of the season was the annual AZOP XMAS Grand Prix at Canyon Motorsports Park in Peoria, AZ.

As always AZOP would like to thank all of the sponsors, staff, volunteers, racers, and spectators for making this another successful and fun weekend of racing.  For full race results, videos, and photos or to find out about upcoming events, go to

AZOP 2019 Gila Bend Hare Scramble Saturday Results

BIG BIKES: Pro: 1. Wyatt Perry (188) 2. Mike Villegas (151). Open A: 1. James Clark (824) 2. Charles Tapp (399) 3. Bryce Johnston (17). Open B: 1. Cody Perry (255) 2. Tate Van Voorst (415). Open C: 1. Jacob Moraga (800) 2. JaeQon Peterson (727) 3. Kyle Benninghoff (13). Vet 30+ C: 1. Keith Tobin (79) 2. Alex Soto (4). Senior 40+ C: 1. Jason West (315). Master 50+ A: 1. Gary Peterson (59). Super Senior 60+: 1. Chuck Stevenson (489).

PEEWEE BIKES: Pee Wee 50cc 4-6 years: 1. Colton Rademacher (14) 2. Lariat Lawrence (214). PeeWee 65cc C: 1. William Carer (988) 2. Kyle Gillette (311).

MINI BIKES: Mini 80-150cc A: 1. Samuel Campbell (168). Mini 80-150cc B: 1. Marley Kuhn (21) 2. Danny Baca (48). Mini 80-150cc C: 1. Danny Carter (71) 2. Talan Raper (99).


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