On Track School Presents Cash for Class

Press Release | November 6, 2019

Ca$h for Class

This is a press release from On Track School…

What is it? Scholarship funds for motorcycle racers who compete in designated classes held at participating events.

Why is this newsworthy? To ensure motorcycle racers are provided an opportunity to have access to scholarship funds much like traditional sports offer in order to further their educational goals.

How does it work? Race promoters that want to incorporate the Cash for Class component into their race event will work with On Track School in communicating to the community and organizing fundraising efforts for the event. Riders will enroll by completing an application to qualify.

Who can donate? Our local motocross community, businesses, individuals, and OEM’s, literally anyone. Tax free donations are made to On Track School, a 501 C-3 nonprofit entity.

How do athletes receive the scholarship funds? Awards are provided based on overall scores at the event. Using the national 529 Education Savings Plans, recipients of the awards will sign up for an account and funds will be transferred to be used as designated by the savings plan toward college or private K-12 schools. See our website Rules & Instructions:  https://www.ontrackschool.com/scholarship-race-award-rules/

Is this a proven concept? Yes. The Cash for Class concept of having motocross racers compete for funds towards their education was piloted this past weekend, November 1-3, 2019, at Georgia Practice Facility with the help of a dedicated team including Andrea Leib, Director & Founder of On Track School, Tasha Renfro, Operations Coach of On Track School, Josh, Terry, and Ray Woods of GPF (Georgia Practice Facility), with full support from the AMA.

78 riders • 198 entrees • 14 Ca$h for Class classes • $12,500 in donations • $9,300 paid in scholarship certificates

Ca$h for Class Katie Benson

About On Track School, with Michael Leib:

VIDEO | On Track School with Student Michael Leib

For more information contact askme@ontrackschool.com or Andrea Leib 909-374-8851

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