Graves Motorsports Partners with DNA Air Filters

Press Release | October 2, 2019

Graves Motorsports Partners with DNA Air Filters to offer Sport Bike Racing Air Filters in the USA

Graves Motorsports Partners with DNA Air Filters

This is a press release from Graves Motorsports…

Van Nuys, CA – October 1, 2019 – Graves Motorsports is pleased to announce that we now have in stock DNA air filters for most late model sport bike applications. Additionally, Graves Motorsports’ Electronics Engineers have developed FTEcu map files that are optimized for the Graves Exhaust / DNA Air Filter combination. These thoroughly engineered FTEcu maps are designed to help you achieve maximum performance gains afforded by the increased airflow of the DNA filter without sacrificing reliability. Maps are available to any customer who can verify their purchase of the DNA Filter and Graves Exhaust System through Graves or any Graves Motorsports Retailer. DNA air filters increase airflow, power, and protection. DNA filtering efficiency averages 99% and meets the strict quality and filtering requirements of the Graves Racing’s own race machines.

Visit to locate a DNA Filter for your bike, or contact your preferred dealer. Contact 800-867-6480 ext. 800


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