James Stewart Releases Video – Part 2

Cycle News Staff | May 4, 2019

James Steward Releases Video – Part 2

James Stewart released a video in late March, breaking a long silence, where he shared stories about his hugely successful racing career. Now, just over a month later, Stewart has released a second video, with some very honest views on how he felt about racing, how he feels about “being fat” now, training with Aldon Baker, his brother Malcolm, being a father and some future plans. A few lines:

“I had fear everything I raced…”

“I do enjoy riding, I don’t enjoy racing, and I don’t enjoy having to win.”

“When I stopped training, I wanted to get fat, like I wanted people to see me fat and get over the sense of like, I am fat, like I’m fat. I’m not in 28’s, I’m in 34 6…”

Watch the video below:


James Stewart Breaks Silence In New Video

James Stewart has broken his silence. The former motocross and supercross champion released a 34-minute-long video, #7 Raw, where he talks about his most memorable moments in his racing career and quit a bit about his personal life, which includes his thoughts on being a father and raising his two kids. Highlights of the video includes him talking about his rivalry with Ricky Carmichael, his time with Kawasaki, and the championship that meant the most to him.

James Stewart Releases Video

Stewart, however, doesn’t reveal what his future plans are, but the video does conclude with “to be continued.”


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