Cardo Systems 2019 PackTalk with Sound by JBL Lineup Now Available

Press Release | March 13, 2019

Cardo Systems announces North American retail availability of 2019 lineup of PackTalk with premium sound by JBL

This is a press release from Cardo Systems…

Plano, Texas (March 13, 2019) – Cardo Systems, the global market leader in wireless communication systems for motorcyclists, today announced the North American availability of its 2019 PackTalk lineup, featuring world-class audio technology from the industry leaders at JBL. Available now at specialty retailers and, the 2019 PackTalk lineup with Sound by JBL delivers a superior audio experience to motorcyclists and sets a new standard in audio quality for helmet communications systems.

Cardo Systems 2019 PackTalk

Motorcyclists can now experience the unrivaled, premium sound from JBL with Cardo Systems’ PackTalk Bold and PackTalk Slim devices. Hailed by reviewers around the world as the “gold standard” for motorcycle communication systems, Each PackTalk model merges its ground-breaking Dynamic Mesh Communication™ (DMC) technology with Cardo’s all-new, natural voice operation feature. DMC-powered devices allow up to 15 riders to wirelessly communicate with the same ease of connecting just two, while also allowing riders to seamlessly join, leave or change positions at a distance of up to five miles without causing a breakdown in communication. Unlike other manufacturers, Cardo offers natural voice-command, which allows riders to simply say, “Hey Cardo” and the always-on system reacts instantaneously. Activating the device no longer requires a specific action such as push-to-talk, so riders can keep their hands on the bars at all times.

“Through intensive research and rider feedback over the past 15 years, we discovered that performance, ease-of-use and sound quality are the most important factors for riders when looking for a communications system,” said Dan Emodi, Cardo VP Marketing, “We’ve been able to take performance and ease-of-use to industry-leading levels thanks to our innovative Dynamic Mesh Communication and one-step natural voice commands. Now with the addition of premium sound by JBL, we are taking audio quality and clarity to the highest level as well.”

Founded more than 70 years ago, JBL is the world’s number-one sound company and is synonymous with audio excellence and innovation. The Cardo-JBL partnership delivers the ultimate listening experience for all motorcyclists – whether riding through a mountain pass or commuting through city streets.

Both PackTalk models with JBL are available with an MSRP of $339.95 for single units and $599.95 for a duo set.

All Cardo devices are IP67-waterproof, not simply water-resistant like lesser communicators, and all feature a two-year warranty and a U.S.-based customer-support system.

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