24 Hour Jr Challenge at Glen Helen Raceway, October 13-14

Press Release | September 26, 2018

Race Within A Race

Ty Davis of Zip-Ty Racing and Glen Helen’s event director Lori Wilson have created a kid’s race event to run concurrently with the upcoming 24 Hour Endurance Race, scheduled for October 13-14.

24 Hour Jr Challenge

Here is what Davis says:

Lori [Wilson] and I have officially formed a special race within the 24 Hour Endurance Race, the 85cc Youth Mini 12-16. This will also be the second year we have our 65 team as well. There has been an amazing following and support for our youth and we are looking forward to continuing this event for 2019. Building our youth for the future depends on us.
-Thank you, Ty Davis

Visit glenhelen.com to register or click HERE to be connected to Race Registration form.

24 Hour Jr Challenge

Here’s the video slideshow from last year’s 24 Hour Glen Helen JBC Endurance Race with the Zip-Ty 65cc Race Team (Ryder Defranseco, Preston Boespflug, Tristun Alvarez, Jett Lessing, Dustyn Davis, Brennen Watson, Myles Monte and Reese Monte):

VIDEO | 24 Hour Glen Helen JBC Endurance Race

24 Hour Jr Challenge

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