Tempers flare after Rea’s crash in Brno WorldSBK

Rennie Scaysbrook | June 11, 2018

Tempers flare after Rea’s crash in Brno WorldSBK—Jonathan Rea has lashed out at Kawasaki Racing Team teammate Tom Sykes following their controversial clash in race two at Brno.

Tempers flare after Rea’s crash in Brno WorldSBK

Jonathan Rea and Tom Sykes fight in the press
All is not well within the KRT garage as Sykes stares down Jonathan Rea on the grid.

Rea and Sykes collided while disputing sixth place on lap three with Rea going down, the two riders exchanging words in the media shortly afterward.

“Blaming me? I don’t understand how, I’m on the outside of the corner, how I could cause the crash,” Rea fumed on motorsport.com when told Sykes blamed him for the crash.

“Clever people know what happened, I was on the outside of the corner completely through. From his onboard [camera] he came from behind and hit me on the side when he had space to go more on the inside and square off the corner like [Eugene] Laverty in front. He was much wider than Laverty in front. The intention was clear, I just don’t understand why it was in his brain to not give me the room when I was already through.

“I can’t accept the blame, it’s ludicrous putting it on me. I can’t understand this guy sometimes.

“I went down because there was contact, that happens in racing. But looks like I’m not going to get an apology either, so it’s one of them.”

Sykes refused to take the blame for the crash, either, stating, “It looks like there are people making a big deal out of this,” Sykes said to motorsport.com. “The long and short is he [Rea] made an uncalculated pass, ran wide and obviously I focused on me exit up the hill.

“He looked to obviously cut back, he was off the line, tried to cut it back onto the racing line and I was there. People can say what they want, but there was nothing to it, it was a racing incident.”

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