Doubletake Adventure Mirrors For The Honda Africa Twin: PRODUCT REVIEW

Cycle News Staff | November 22, 2017

It’s safe to say that stock mirrors on 99.9% adventure and dual-sport bikes have some serious issues. Basically, they just don’t provide adequate adjustability, can easily bend or break in a minor fall (or worse yet, break your brake or clutch master cylinder), and can’t be easily moved out of the way for off-road riding without completely disconnecting them.

Doubletake Adventure Mirrors For The Honda Africa Twin
Not only do the Doubletake mirrors easily fold away for the trails, they are also very function while in use.

The Doubletake mirror solves these issues while still providing great visibility. In fact, because of reduced vibration and more adjustability, visibility is vastly improved over most stock mirrors. We have used Doubletake mirrors on multiple adventure and dual-sport bikes now and these are a no-brainer to add to any bike. We installed these on our long-term Honda Africa Twin.

Rider Analysis

Doubletake mirrors are designed and manufactured in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They use an SAE-spec glass that provides great visibility and the housing is a super tough nylon material that has a lifetime warranty (The glass is not included in that warranty but can be purchased separately for $10). The simple Ball Stud bases and RAM mounts allow for increased adjustability.

Doubletake offers both and adventure and enduro version and we chose the adventure option for our Honda Africa Twin. The enduro version uses a round, and slightly smaller mirror and the design is easier for folding out of the way for off-road use. If you will be doing a lot of road riding, the Adventure version will stay in position better, has a slightly larger diamond shaped mirror and still folds out of the way easily.

After months of riding with these mirrors, they have performed just as advertised. In addition to more adjustability, we noticed less vibration, which provides improved visibility. You can easily fold them out of the way or just leave them up for off-road riding as they can be adjusted out of the way if necessary. If you do hit the Doubletake mirrors with your forearms while standing, they will simply just move out of the way. For just $120, they are a bargain. CN

Doubletake Adventure Mirrors For The Honda Africa Twin
The Doubletake mirrors actually look cool and they work so well that we now cannot live without them.

List Price: $120 (pair)


Standout Feature: Effective and virtually unbreakable

PRODUCT REVIEW wheelie-Virtually unbreakable material and less likely to break the mounting points on the bike.

-Easily folds out of the way if needed for off-road riding, loading, etc.

-Additional adjustability over standard mirrors.

-Less vibration than most standard mirrors.


-We just can’t think of any reason to not install these on any adventure or dual sport motorcycle. In fact, the Doubletake mirrors would be an improvement on just any about any motorcycle with handlebar-mounted mirrors.




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