2017 KTM Adventure Rider Rally Vendor Bender | MotoMinded

Jesse Ziegler | October 10, 2017

MotoMinded Officially Launch Its Helmet LED Light System – the Torch Kit – at the 2017 KTM Adventure Rider Rally.

2017 KTM Adventure Rider Rally Vendor Bender | MotoMinded

The 2017 KTM Adventure Rider Rally was held in Crested Butte, Colorado for the second time in three years. With nearly 500 attendees including a massive staff of KTM event planners, celebrity riders, world-class racers and helpful technicians, it was a popular destination, to say the least. On top of that, nearly 30 vendors from the Adventure Motorcycling industry showcased their latest adventure-motorcycle gear and services.

2017 KTM Adventure Rider Rally Vendor Bender | Dunlop

We had a quick chat with MotoMinded’s Chris Vestal inside their booth at the KTM Adventure Rider Rally to see why they made the trip, what kind of cool new stuff they have and what they think the KTM Adventure Rider Rally is all about.

What MotoMinded product is drawing the most interest from the attendees here at the KTM Rally?

Chris Vestal: We’re excited to officially launch our helmet LED light system here and it’s getting a ton of attention. We call it the Torch Kit. It comes in two versions, Trail or Race, and it’s a magnetic-mount system that’s really unbreakable and has friction adjustment for the light unit. So, you can go from a regular helmet to a night-riding helmet in seconds and adjust the direction of the LED on the fly with one hand. It’s also available to set up with bike or battery power so you can take it with you on any ride. The Torch Trail uses a single Rigid Industries Ignite LED at 1,000 lumens and the Torch Race system uses the Baja Designs S2 Pro LED at 2,450 lumens.

2017 KTM Adventure Rider Rally Vendor Bender | MotoMinded

We’ve also installed a bunch of XL Pro LED headlight kits as it installs easily on carbureted or fuel-injected bikes has a ton of light output, you can grab it and adjust and aim it on the fly, etc. We piggyback AC rectifiers for the carb’d bikes like a 300 XC. So, you don’t have to touch the stator, at all, to bolt-on a 4,500-lumen light.

2017 KTM Adventure Rider Rally Vendor Bender | MotoMinded

Why should riders consider attending the KTM Adventure Rider Rally?

Chris Vestal:  Meeting great people is a big reason to come here. Plus, most of the shops and companies in booths like ours are staffed by the folks that are making the product for sale, or they’re the owners of the company. For us, this is the only time we put sale prices on our products since this group of riders has been so good to us from the beginning.CN


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