2017 KTM Adventure Rider Rally Vendor Bender | Mosko Moto

Jesse Ziegler | October 10, 2017

Mosko Moto was one of the many vendors at the 2017 KTM Adventure Rider Rally

The 2017 KTM Adventure Rider Rally was held in Crested Butte, Colorado for the second time in three years. With nearly 500 attendees including a massive staff of KTM event planners, celebrity riders, world-class racers and helpful technicians, it was a popular destination, to say the least. On top of that, nearly 30 vendors from the Adventure Motorcycling industry showcased their latest adventure-motorcycle gear and services.

We had a quick chat with Mosko Moto’s Peter Day inside their booth at the KTM Adventure Rider Rally to see why they made the trip, what kind of cool new stuff they have and what they think the KTM Adventure Rider Rally is all about.

2017 KTM Adventure Rider Rally Vendor Bender | Mosko Moto

What product is drawing the most interest from the attendees at the KTM Rally?

Peter Day: Our established products are our bread and butter, and that’s what brings in the most overall attention. We have luggage systems that work with or without pannier racks. If they have panniers, then our Backcountry 35 Panniers and Backcountry 40 Duffel are the choices. If they don’t have or want racks, then our Reckless 80 system is the biggest in that category.

At the same time, we have some new items people are really interested in. We have a new, unique tank bag on the market and we have a really cool and different tool roll that is making a big splash.

Why should riders consider attending the KTM Adventure Rider Rally?

Peter Day: This is definitely what I consider to be a riding event more so than a drinking, talking or socializing event. The people I see at this event are pretty serious riders who are looking for more technical terrain and they’re really into the sport of riding. While many of them are probably about the travel, too, I think what unifies this group is that they’re about challenging riding, the machines and riding skills.


It’s also a very targeted vendor area. A lot of shows we go to we’re set up next to people selling custom-molded earplugs and here, these vendors are catering to aggressive off-road terrain riding and skilled riders with good bikes. I love this event.CN

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Jesse Ziegler