Skully Founders In Major Hot Water

Rennie Scaysbrook | August 10, 2016

Former Skully Helmet employee Isabelle Faithhauer has alleged the recently ousted founding brothers, Marcus and Mitch Weller, used company funds to pay for a staggering amount of goods and services that might go a way to explaining how a company with nearly $15 million in crowdfunded cash via Indiegogo went belly up last week, resulting in a loss of 50 jobs.

Faithauer acted as the Skully book keeper and has bought a suit in the San Francisco County Superior Court for wrongful termination, as well alleging the Wellers took several overseas and local trips, rented lavish San Francisco apartments, moving and cleaning expenses, bought luxury sportscars and motorcycles and even paid for groceries, all using funds allotted for the development, and delivery of, the Skully AR-1 augmented-reality HUD helmet.

With Skully officially shutting last week, it seems very unlikely at this stage customers and investors who put financial faith in the company will ever see a return on investment.

No court date has yet been set, but you can read the entire complaint issued by Isabelle Faithhauer here.'

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