Erik Buell Racing To Fire Again?

Rennie Scaysbrook | February 1, 2016
Things are starting to look on the up for EBR, but it’s early days yet.

The new owners of Erik Buell Racing have said they are searching for an individual or company to acquire EBR to continue the manufacture of the American sportbikes. Liquid Asset Partners now control the lot with EBR – all EBR 2012-2015 model parts inventory, brand names, trademarks, patents, operating licenses, testing equipment, assembly lines and, crucially, any future projects that were under development when they purchased the company at auction last month.

According to our colleagues at Ultimate Motorcycling, LAP plans to restart production of new RX and SX models, with plans to have them in dealers by mid March. They also plan to kick-start the much needed spare parts supply chain for the thousands of EBR and Buell machines on the roads.

“This is indeed an incredible opportunity for a huge head start on getting an American sport motorcycle business going,” said EBR’s Erik Buell. “I have to thank Bill Melvin Jr., Bill Sr., and the team at Liquid Asset Partners for seeing this and working toward activating the assets and building motorcycles again. It is also great that they have stepped up to immediately address parts availability for EBR owners.”

This is indeed good news for EBR, however it does seem a temporary fix with Liquid Asset Partners uninterested in becoming a fully fledged motorcycle manufacturer in its own right. Time will tell if a buyer can be found and EBR will ride on its own once again.

Rennie Scaysbrook | Road Test Editor Rennie Scaysbrook is our Road Test Editor. A lifetime rider, the Aussie made the trek across the Pacific to live the dream in the U.S. of A. Likes puppies and wheelies.