Adam Raga Sweeps U.S. World Trials In Tennessee

Shan Moore | May 27, 2013
Adam Raga took a double win in Tennessee.

Adam Raga claimed a double victory at round two of the 2013 FIM Trial World Championship held at the Trials Training Center in Sequatchie, Tennessee, this weekend. The factory Gas Gas rider took a clear victory on Saturday – the first of two days of competition, beating Repsol Montesa’s Toni Bou by an eight-point margin in a relatively low scoring event.

Raga returned on Sunday to take his second win of the year, although under much different circumstances. Overnight, the FIM modified four of the 12 sections, making them tougher after deciding that Saturday’s round was on the easy side. The FIM voted in new rules for 2013, which require the riders to maintain forward motion or receive a five for a stop, and both the organizers and the riders are adapting to the new restrictions, however, Raga seems to have mastered the new style better than his rivals.

Bou was in much better form on Sunday, and matched Raga almost point for point as the two riders entered the third and final lap tied with eight points each. Raga appeared to be on the ropes after he fived three of the first five sections. However, Bou fived section two, plus two of the final four sections to even up the score.

When all was said and done, Raga took the win by virtue of having one more clean than Bou, completing a sweep of the U.S. round. With the win, Raga now takes over the lead in the series standings, sitting one point ahead of Bou.

“On the last lap, the pressure may have led us to make more points,” said Raga. “Winning has not been easy and I’m very happy because I have shown a good level and it is good to leave here as the championship leader.”

Beta rider Jeroni Fajardo finished out the podium on Saturday, ahead of Sherco’s Albert Cabestany, while Bou’s Montesa teammate Takahisa Fujinami was third on Sunday, beating out fourth place finisher Jeroni Fajardo (Bet) with Cabestany in fifth.

The weather couldn’t have been better for the U.S. round, which was the first world championship round held in the States in five years. Dan Brown and crew at the Trials Training Center did a fantastic job of accommodating the large contingent of spectators and also of hosting and coordinating the championship event.


Saturday: 1. Adam Raga (GG) 9; 2. Toni Bou (Mon) 17; 3. Jeroni Fajardo (Bet) 19; 4. Albert Cabestany (Shr) 24; 5. Takahisa Fujinami (Mon) 37; 6. James Dabill (Bet) 40; 7. Loris Gubian (GG) 57; 8. Matteo Grattarolla (GG) 62; 9. Alexandre Ferrer (Shr) 63; 10. Benoit Dagnicourt (Bet) 70.

Sunday: 1. Adam Raga (GG) 24; 2. Toni Bou (Mon) 24; 3. Takahisa Fujinami (Mon) 38; 4. Jeroni Fajardo (Bet) 40; 5. Albert Cabestany (Shr) 55; 6. James Dabill (Bet) 61; 7. Alexandre Ferrer (Shr) 83; 8. Loris Gubian (GG) 90; 9. Matteo Grattarolla (GG) 104; 10. Jack Challoner (Bet) 110.

Shan Moore | Contributing Editor

Moore covers all facets of off-road racing for Cycle News – from AMA Supercross and Motocross to GNCC and National Hare Scrambles events.