Gibson Again at Kansas City Arenacross

Cycle News Staff | January 17, 2011

TUF Honda’s Jeff Gibson is off to a perfect start in the 2011 AMA Arenacross Series after scoring the win at round two at the Kemper Arena in Kansas City on Friday night, January 14. J&W Cycles Kawasaki’s Adam Gulley captured the Lites-class victory in the opening round of the Easter Regional Championship.Gibson and Babbitt’s Monster Energy/TiLUBE Kawasaki’s Tyler Bowers for most of the race. Bowers was leading on the 15th lap when he went down, handing Gibson the lead and eventual win.Nathan Skaggs, on the Insurance/Spinechillers Racing/Honda of Honda, and Chad Johnson, on the Babbitt’s Kawasaki, also moved up a spot when Bowers crashed and finished out the night on the podium.Gibson also won the Dash for Cash.Gulley also had his hands full in the Arenacross Lites main, where he and Patrick Massie, on the Foremost Insurance Honda, battled it out to the end, with Gulley holding on for the close win.Central Yamaha’s Zachary Jaynes finished third.

Arenacross Class Results (Kansas City, MO)

1. Jeff Gibson, Blacklick, Ohio, Honda2. Nathan Skaggs, Chillicothe, Ohio, Honda3. Chad Johnson, Rhinelander, Wis., Kawasaki4. Tyler Bowers, Danville, Ky., Kawasaki5. Zach Ames, Prospect, Ohio, Honda6. Brock Sellards, Sherrodsville, Ohio, Honda7. Kevin Johnson, Spring, Texas, Yamaha8. Willy Browning, Pleasantville, Ohio, Honda9. Gray Davenport, Lehi, Utah, Kawasaki10. Dave Ginolfi, Lake Hopatlong, N.J., SuzukiAMA Arenacross Lites Class Results (Kansas City, MO)1. Adam Gulley, Jonesburg, Mo., Kawasaki2. Patrick Massie, Washington Court, Ohio, Honda3. Zachary Jaynes, Princeton, Texas, Yamaha4. Kyle White, Freeport, Ill., Honda5. Chad Cook, Oklahoma City, Okla., Kawasaki6. Travis Merrill, Fowler, Ill., KTM7. Austin Coon, Spencer, W.V., Honda8. Hunter Clements, Welton, Mo., Honda9. Aviery Hickey, Decatur, Texas, Kawasaki10. Tyler Sehr, Belleville, Ill., Honda

Arenacross Class Points (After Race 2 of 19)

1. Jeff Gibson, Blacklick, Ohio, Honda – 502. Chad Johnson, Rhinelander, Wis., Kawasaki – 403. Tyler Bowers, Danville, Ky., Kawasaki – 404. Nathan Skaggs, Chillicothe, Ohio, Honda – 385. Zach Ames, Prospect, Ohio, Honda – 346. Gray Davenport, Lehi, Utah, Kawasaki – 277. Dave Ginolfi, Lake Hopatlong, N.J., Suzuki – 248. Willy Browning, Pleasantville, Ohio, Honda – 249. Cole Siebler, Emmett, Idaho, Ho            nda – 2310. Cory Green, Nowata, Okla., Suzuki – 2011. Kelly Smith, Ludington, Mich., Yamaha – 20Arenacross Lites Class Eastern Regional Points (After Race 1 of 10)1. Adam Gulley, Jonesburg, Mo., Kawasaki – 252. Patrick Massie, Washington Court, Ohio, Honda – 223. Kyle White, Freeport, Ill., Honda – 204. Austin Coon, Spencer, W.V., Honda – 185. Hunter Clements, Welton, Mo., Honda – 166. Tyler Sehr, Belleville, Ill., Honda – 157. Shane Gailey, Fort Dodge, Iowa, Honda – 148. Kyle Hussey, Moscow Mills, Mo., Kawasaki – 139. Jason Hussey, Moscow Mills, Mo., Kawasaki – 12