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Paul Carruthers | January 16, 2006

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AURORA, Ill., (Jan. 13, 2006) Kevin Johnson came to win tonight in Baltimore after a good start the Team Faith rider cruised by Suzuki’s Jim Neese in the first lap. Johnson never let up scoring his fastest lap on lap 14. Rockstar Suzuki rider Greg Schnell passed Jim Neese in the final turn to finish second.

Ohio’s Brock Sellards missed an opportunity to gain point on series leader Chad Johnson. Chad suffered with the flu all week and was unable to get to the practice track during the week. Johnson finished 5th in the main. Sellards day started wrong when his chain came off in his heat race causing him to go to the semi final and ultimately a second row start in the main event. On the first lap Brock stalled his four stroke Honda and was unable to restart for several laps. Sellards would go on to finish 11th. Chad Johnson increased his lead on Sellard to 23 points

In the AMA Arenacross Lites class Shawn Clark would out last Jim Neese and Jim Chester to win the main event.

AMA Arenacross Results

1. Kevin Johnson, Yamaha

2. Greg Schnell, Suzuki

3. Jim Neese, Suzuki

4. Jeff Northrop, Honda

5. Chad Johnson, Yamaha

AMA Arenacross Lites Results

1. Shawn Clark, Kawasaki

2. Jim Neese, Suzuki

3. Jim Chester, Suzuki

4. Roy Horton, Honda

5. Sonny Nighman, Kawasaki


AURORA, Ill., (Jan. 14, 2006) Team Faith’s Kevin Johnson won his second AMA Arenacross in as many nights at the First Mariner Arena in Baltimore, MD. Suzuki’s Jim Neese took the hole shot and led for nearly all of the main event. It was with 4 laps to go when Kevin Johnson passed Neese in the hairpin turn at the end woops section. Neese would get him back on the next lap. The final two laps saw both Johnson and Neese along with Honda’s Brock Sellards and Yamaha’s Chad Johnson battle for the win. When the dust settled Kevin Johnson, Brock Sellards, Jim Neese and Chad Johnson crossed the finish strip within seconds of each other.

Jim Neese had first pick on the starting line in the AMA Arenacross Lites class but decided not to race and save himself for AMA Arenacross class. Kawasaki’s Shawn Clark had a great start before his transmission locked up in the first lap. Local rider Jeremy Cook went on to win his first AMA Arenacross Lites class.

AMA Arenacross Results

1. Kevin Johnson, Yamaha

2. Brock Sellards, Honda

3. Jim Neese, Suzuki

4. Chad Johnson, Yamaha

5. Greg Schnell, Suzuki

AMA Arenacross Lites Results

1. Jeremy Cook, Kawasaki

2. Joshua Schmitt, Honda

3. Roy Horton, Honda

4. Kody Molitor, Kawasaki

5. Jared Boothroyd, KTM

AMA Arenacross Points Standings

Chad Johnson (6) 257

Brock Sellards (4) 238

Kevin Johnson (2) 225

Greg Schnell 206

Jeff Northrop 205

Jim Neese 203

Shawn Clark 161

Zach Ames 136

Scott Metz 115

Jim Chester 105

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