Lange Does It Again

| November 8, 2004

Defending Arenacross Champion Darcy Lange posted three more wins and padded his points lead following this weekend’s Arenacross in Albany, New York, November 5-6. Last week at the opening round in Des Moines, Iowa, Lange won three of the four main events, and he did it again this weekend.

The first 125cc main event on Friday night saw Lange’s Richmond Racing/Kawasaki teammate Evan Laughridge take the win, followed by Lange and TUF/Honda’s Branden Jessemen. In the 250cc main event, Lange got back to his winning ways by taking the win, followed by Honda rider Marco Dube and Laughridge.

On Saturday night, Lange picked up right where he left off by winning the first 125cc main event over Shogun/Yamaha team rider Josh Demuth and Yamaha rider Chad Johnson. In the 250cc main event Lange again took the win followed by Demuth and Jessemen.



125 MAIN: 1. Evan Laughridge (Kaw); 2. Darcy Lange (Kaw); 3. Branden Jessemen (Hon); 4. Shane Bess (Hon); 5. Kevin Johnson (Yam).

DASH FOR CASH: 1. Darcy Lange (Kaw); 2. Evan Laughridge (Kaw); 3. Jim Neese (Suz); 4. Chad Johnson (Yam).

250 MAIN: 1. Darcy Lange (Kaw); 2. Marco Dube (Hon); 3. Evan Laughridge (Kaw); 4. John Dowd (Suz); 5. Kevin Johnson (Yam).


125 MAIN: Darcy Lange (Kaw); 2. Josh Demuth (Yam); 3. Chad Johnson (Yam); 4. Shane Bess (Hon); 5. Evan Laughridge (Kaw).

DASH FOR CASH: 1. Josh Demuth (Yam); 2. Darcy Lange (Kaw); 3. Shane Bess (Hon); 4. Chad Johnson (Yam).

250 MAIN: 1. Darcy Lange (Kaw); 2. Josh Demuth (Yam); 3. Branden Jessemen (Hon); 4. Jeff Northrop (Kaw); 5. Shane Bess (Hon).

By Brendan Lutes