Shobert Wins Texas Grand Prix

| February 4, 2001

With a name like Shobert, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to be good enough to win, which is exactly what happened Saturday in Texas. Shobert won and Shobert got second, but these were two different Shoberts in two different classes.

Clint Shobert, the 10-year-old son of the three-time Grand National Champion Bubba Shobert, won the second race he’d ever entered, a 30-minute grand prix at a local club race in Post, Texas, not far from Shobert’s home in Lubbock. Riding a Honda XR80, Clint made six laps of the four-mile loop to score the 9-year-old and up class win.

In his racing debut, Cole Shobert, Bubba’s youngest son who’s about to turn seven, rode his Honda XR70 to second place in the 8 and under class.

“They’re pretty good,” said Bubba, who’d just returned from helping his local club run an enduro. “Clint’s been riding since he was four and Cole started riding when he was four.”

As for whether they’ll follow in the footsteps of their legendary father, Shobert said it wasn’t likely at this point.

“Their mom’s against it,” he said.

By Henny Ray Abrams