Miguel Duhamel Shot With BB Gun While Cycling

Rennie Scaysbrook | June 24, 2020

Miguel Duhamel has been shot with a BB gun from a passing car while cycling near Red Rock Canyon on the outskirts of Las Vegas, as reported by FOX5 Las Vegas.

The former AMA Superbike Champion and avid cyclist was not seriously injured in the attack.

“A car came behind me like they always do but this one came up and I heard a shot, like air disperse, it went pow!” said Duhamel. “Immediately my head hurt, I felt a shot in my head and I was like what’s that and for a minute I thought maybe it’s nothing but when I saw blood coming down I knew something was up so I stopped”.

Duhamel said the car from which the bullet was shot was a black Nissan 300-Z. Police have not yet found the suspect.


Rennie Scaysbrook | Road Test Editor Rennie Scaysbrook is our Road Test Editor. A lifetime rider, the Aussie made the trek across the Pacific to live the dream in the U.S. of A. Likes puppies and wheelies.