Five Dirt Bike Tires Options from BikeBandit

Cycle News Staff | June 4, 2020

Each week we showcase five cool products from the website. This week, we have selected five models of dirt bike tires.

BikeBandit Dirt Bike Tires Dunlop Geomax MX53

Dunlop Geomax MX53

The Geomax MX53 is the latest motocross / dirt bike tire from Dunlop and has quickly become a popular choice. It is designed to offer performance in a wide variety of terrains, excelling in hard-packed conditions while also offering greater versatility in intermediate riding conditions.

Sale Price: $47.57 – $97.36

BikeBandit Dirt Bike Tires Bridgestone Battlecross X30

Bridgestone Battlecross X30

The rear Bridgestone X30 includes a Convex “Castle Block” design, which is a raised block in the center of the lug for enhanced traction. The asymmetric Block Pattern front tire with optimized block placement achieves stable grip during braking and cornering

Sale Price: $43.97 – $87.33

BikeBandit Dirt Bike Tires Shinko 216 Series

Shinko 216 Series

The Shinko 216 tire was designed with a taller and wider profile to provide more cushion and a larger footprint. The split tread pattern cleans out easily in tacky dirt or muddy conditions. It is a popular choice for Extreme off-road, Enduro and desert riding.

Sale Price: $51.36 – $54.02

BikeBandit Dirt Bike Tires Michelin Starcross 5 Medium

Michelin Starcross 5 Medium

Michelin Starcross 5 Medium Motorcycle Tires are designed to give you traction in all sorts of medium terrain conditions. The aggressive front tread never washes out in steep lean angles while the rear provides dirt shredding traction as well as a large lean angle to keep your rubber side down.

Sale Price: $49.36 – $97.36

BikeBandit Dirt Bike Tires Pirelli Scorpion MXeXTRa X

Pirelli Scorpion MX eXTra “X”

The Pirelli Scorpion MX eXTRa “X” tires feature reinforced bridged knob patterns for increased lateral bite and stability. The carcass is designed for maximum bump absorption and they feature good durability and consistent performance.

Sale Price: $29.06 – $49.99

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