2020 Salt Lake City Supercross Rnd 17 Results

Cycle News Staff | June 21, 2020

All three championship leaders going into the final round of the 2020 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series at Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City, June 21, managed to hold on and, after a 27-day stay in Utah, get to head home with the number-one plate in their grasps. Both Chase Sexton (Geico Honda) and Dylan Ferrandis (Monster Energy/Star Racing Yamaha) successfully defended their 2019 titles in the 250SX East and West classes, while Eli Tomac (Monster Energy Kawasaki) went through the paces unscathed to claim his first-ever championship in the premier 450SX division.

2020 Salt Lake City Supercross Rnd 17 Results
Eli Tomac and the Monster Energy Kawasaki Team wrapped up the 450SX title. Photos: Feld/Align Media

Tomac faced very little drama throughout the day. He made it through the heat race easily and was sitting pretty going into the main where all he had to do was finish 19th or better in the main event to wrap up the title, even if the rider nearest him in the championship, Cooper Webb (Red Bull KTM), won. In the final, Tomac squeezed through the first turn safely in 10th place, which was considerably better than Webb, who went down. At that point, the race for the championship was essentially over.

Webb seemed to lose all the wind out of his sails after quickly picking back up and never did pass Tomac, who rode to a safe fifth place. Webb ended up eighth.

Tomac finished out the 17-round championship 25 points clear off Webb. At 27 years of age, Tomac is now the oldest rider ever to win a first 450SX Championship, and he did it on Father’s Day, which he will never forget as it was his first very first Father’s Day as a recently new dad.

As the championship unfolded in the pack, the battle for the race win came down to three Rockstar Energy Husqvarna riders: Dean Wilson, Jason Anderson and Zach Osborne. Wilson was the early leader until lap seven (of the 22-lap race) when Anderson slipped past him, as did Osborne a lap later. Anderson opened up a small but comfortable lead after some hard laps put in by Osborne. With only a few laps left in the race, however, Anderson’s seat mounts reportedly broke, resulting in the seat came off, and Osborne was able to reel in Anderson, pass him and capture his first career 450SX-class victory. Anderson held on for second and Wilson third, making it an all-Husqvarna podium.

Malcolm Stewart (Smartop/Bullfrog Spas/Motoconcepts Honda) and Tomac rounded out the top five.

Broc Tickle (JGRMX/Yoshimura/Suzuki) had his best ride in a long time in sixth, followed by Ken Roczen (Honda HRC), Webb, Justin Hill (Smartop/Bullfrog Spas/Motoconcepts Honda) and Chad Reed (Mountain Motorsports), who cracked the top 10 in what just might be the last race of his professional career.

2020 Salt Lake City Supercross Rnd 17 Results
Chase Sexton and the 250SX East winning Geico Honda crew.

There was plenty of action in the 250SX East/West Shootout. Ferrandis led Austin Forkner (Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki) by seven points in the West Championship going into the race and Sexton led Shane McElrath (Monster Energy/Star Racing Yamaha) by just six in the East Championship. Things got really interesting right away when both the number-one plate holders—Sexton and Ferrandis—got off to bad starts in the main, while the championship chasers—McElrath and Forkner—were out in front running 1-2. Unfortunately, Forkner crashed hard on the second lap which forced the red flag, and the race was restarted, which was good news for both Sexton and Ferrandis. Forkner eventually walked off the track but with the help of the medical crew. But he was out of the race, which made things much easier on Ferrandis.

The restart worked out well for Sexton who passed his teammate Jett Lawrence on the third lap for the lead and went on to win the race and championship. McElrath also got around Lawrence at the same time as Sexton but could not catch Sexton or even pressure him into possibly making a mistake. Sexton stepped it up when it counted.

McElrath took second in the race ahead of Michael Mosiman (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna).

Ferrandis, meanwhile, started off in fifth, played it smart and cautiously finished the race in fourth.

Both Sexton and Ferrandis will be moving up to the 450cc class next year.

2020 Salt Lake City Supercross Rnd 17 Results
250SX West-title number two for Dylan Ferrandis and the Monster Energy/Star Racing Yamaha team.

2020 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series, an FIM World Championship

Round 17 of 17

Rice-Eccles Stadium

Salt Lake City, Utah

Results: June 21, 2020

450SX Results

1. Zach Osborne (Hus) 25 laps
2. Jason Anderson (Hus) 03.063
3. Dean Wilson (Hus) 05.369
4. Malcolm Stewart (Hon) 07.481
5. Eli Tomac (Kaw) 12.750
6. Broc Tickle (Suz) 17.938
7. Ken Roczen (Hon) 19.435
8. Cooper Webb (KTM) 24.361
9. Justin Hill (Hon) 33.264
10. Chad Reed (KTM) 36.806


2020 450SX Final Point Standings

1. Eli Tomac (Kaw) 384/7 wins
2. Cooper Webb (KTM) 359/4 wins
3. Ken Roczen (Hon) 354/4 wins
4. Jason Anderson (Hus) 287
5. Justin Barcia (Yam) 272
6. Zach Osborne (Hus) 252
7. Malcolm Stewart (Hon) 252
8. Dean Wilson (Hus) 239
9. Justin Brayton (Hon) 227
10. Justin Hill (Hon) 213


250SX East/West Shootout Results

1. Chase Sexton (Hon) 19 laps
2. Shane McElrath (Yam) 04.270
3. Michael Mosiman (Hus) 07.487
4. Dylan Ferrandis (Yam) 10.219
5. Jett Lawrence (Hon) 11.192
6. Brandon Hartranft (KTM) 23.741
7. Justin Cooper (Yam) 34.678
8. Jo Shimoda (Hon) 36.271
9. Derek Drake (KTM) 43.420
10. Mitchell Oldebnburg (Hus) 52.409


2020 250SX East Final Point Standings

1. Chase Sexton (Hon) 218/5 wins
2. Shane McElrath (Yam) 209/3 wins
3. Jo Shimoda (Hon) 122
4. Garrett Marchbanks (Kaw) 119
5. Enzo Lopes (Yam) 107
6. Jeremy Martin (Hon) 105
7. Jalek Swoll (Hus) 104
8. Kyle Peters (Hon) 94
9. Pierce Brown (KTM) 92
10. RJ Hampshire (Hus) 80


2020 250SX West Point Final Point Standings

1. Dylan Ferrandis (Yam) 200/3 wins
2. Justin Cooper (Yam) 180/1 win
3. Austin Forkner (Kaw) 176/4 wins
4. Brandon Hartranft (KTM) 158
5. Michael Mosiman (Hus) 139
6. Alex Martin (Suz) 124
7. Derek Drake (KTM) 120
8. Mitchell Oldenburg (Hon) 109
9. Luke Clout (Hon) 106
10. Jett Lawrence (Hon) 97


2020 Salt Lake City Supercross Rnd 17 Results: It’s been a wild ride but the final round of the 2020 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series is finally here, more than a month later than originally planned. Eil Tomac (Monster Energy Kawasaki) is expected to wrap up his first career 450 Supercross title today at Rice-Eccles Stadium in Utah. He comes into the final race with a 22-point lead over the only rider who has a mathematical chance of winning the title, Cooper Webb (Red Bull KTM). Tomac is guaranteed the number-one plate with a 19th-place finish or better in the main event, even if Webb wins, otherwise, the title is Tomac’s–but he still has to at least qualify for the main event.

2020 Salt Lake City Supercross Rnd 17 Results
Eli Tomac can wrap up his first 450SX crown this afternoon. Photo: Felt/Align Media

Tomac and Webb tied for top qualifying honors going into this afternoon’s racing program, each posting a 49.438 heater. The two are very close on speed overall, too, despite the track being slightly more technical than the other six Salt Lake tracks, when you take into account that only a thousandth-of-a-second separate the two with their second-best lap.

Malcolm Stewart (Smartop/Bullfrog Spas/MotoConcepts Honda) is hauling, too. He is third quickest, followed by Dean Wilson (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna) and Benny Bloss (Rocky Mountain MC/WPS/KTM), whose name was at the top of the leaderboard for a short time at one point. Ken Roczen (Honda HRC) was the 11th quickest.

Zach Osborne (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna) suffered a hard crash in the first qualifying session and took a handlebar to the stomach. He sat out the second session but it appears that he’ll race this afternoon.

The final round features the 250SX East/West Showdown, where the top riders in each division will compete against each other in the main event. Chase Sexton (Geico Honda) was the top qualifier in the East and Dylan Ferrandis (Monster Energy/Star Racing Yamaha) in the West.

The race for the 250SX East and West Championships will be decided this afternoon as well, but things are much closer in both. In the East, Sexton leads Shane McElrath (Monster Energy/Star Racing Yamaha) by just six points, so a third in the main will ensure his second straight title.

In the West, it’s pretty much the same scenario, with Ferrandis leading Austin Forkner (Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki) by seven points. Again, a third will seal the deal for Ferrandis for the second year in a row.

“Tean tactics” could come into play this afternoon. With both divisions racing at the same time, trying to figure out a game plan for any of the title contenders will be tough, but at least for Sexton, he will have many of his fast teammates–Christian Craig, Jett and Hunter Lawrence, and Jo Shimoda–all out there that could help him out. Ferrandis has his teammate McElrath, but he’s in a title fight of his own. Monster Energy/Star Racing Yamaha’s Colt Nichols and Justin Cooper could be in a position to help out either Ferrandis or McElrath. Forkner will have Cameron McAdoo on his side, as his other teammates, Jordon Smith and Garrett Marchbanks, are sidelined with injuries. CN

Racing begins at 1:04 p.m. local (MST).

450SX Qualifying Results

1. Eli Tomac (Kaw) 49.438
2. Cooper Webb (KTM) 49.438
3. Malcolm Stewart (Hon) 49.496
4. Dean Wilson (Hus) 49.604
5. Benny Bloss (KTM) 49.630
6. Jason Anderson (Hus) 49.664
7. Blake Baggett (KTM) 49.819
8. Justin Brayton (Hon) 50.014
9. Justin Hill (Hon) 50.028
10. Martin Davalos (KTM) 50.085



250SX East Qualifying Results

1. Chase Sexton (Hon) 48.735
2. Colt Nichols (Yam) 49.585
3. Shan McElrath (Yam) 49.952
4. Jo Shimoda (Hon) 50.693
5. Chris Blose (Hon) 51.099
6. Jalek Swoll (Hus) 51.505
7. Jace Owen (Hon) 51.737
8. Dustin Winter (KTM) 52.278
9. Kyle Peters (Hon) 52.343
10. Justin Starling (Hus) 52.409


250SX West Qualifying Results

1. Dylan Ferrandis (Yam) 48.346
2. Jett Lawrence (Hon) 48.953
3. Austin Forkner (Kaw) 49.262
4. Justin Cooper (Yam) 49.473
5. Michael Mosiman (Hus) 50.010
6. Hunter Lawrence (Hon) 50.382
7. Brandon Hartranft (KTM) 50.554
8. Cameron McAdoo (Hon) 50.737
9. Christian Craig (Hon) 50.944
10. Derek Drake (KTM) 51.408


Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series Updated 2020 Schedule

Round 1 January 4 Anaheim, California
Round 2 January 11 St. Louis, Missouri
Round 3 January 18 Anaheim, California
Round 4 January 25 Glendale, Arizona
Round 5 February 1 Oakland, California
Round 6 February 8 San Diego, California
Round 7 February 15 Tampa, Florida
Round 8 February 22 Arlington (Dallas), Texas
Round 9 February 29 Atlanta, Georgia
Round 10 March 7 Daytona, Florida
Round 11 May 31 Salt Lake City, Utah
Round 12 June 3 Salt Lake City, Utah
Round 13 June 7 Salt Lake City, Utah
Round 14 June 10 Salt Lake City, Utah
Round 15 June 14 Salt Lake City, Utah
Round 16 June 17 Salt Lake City, Utah
Round 17 June 21 Salt Lake City, Utah

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