2020 Wiseco Two-Stroke MX World Championship Postponed

Press Release | April 17, 2020

The 2020 Wiseco Two-Stroke MX World Championship hosted by Fasthouse has been postponed.

The 2020 Wiseco 2-Stroke MX World Championship hosted by Fasthouse has been postponed until Saturday, May 9.

This is an update from Glen Helen…

Glen Helen Raceway and their sponsors have decided to postpone the Two-Stroke event to a later date. With the uncertainty of Covid-19 and the County of San Bernardino not providing a date when large gatherings will be allowed again, moving the date is our best option at this point.

With this being one of Glen Helen Raceway’s signature events we want to make sure we give our riders, sponsors and fans the best experience possible. We hope to announce an exact date within the next month or so.

Glen Helen Raceway would like to let everyone know we are planning, at minimum, to be back open for practice as soon as possible. We are developing a “Safe Distancing Practice Days” proposal to the county in hopes that they will consider allowing us to open for practice. We feel like our riders have their own special “PPE,” made up of full-face helmets, goggles, gloves, etc…

Our motocross family is very important to us and being able to get out and ride your motorcycle would be a very welcome distraction and exercise—something we all need. Glen Helen Raceway won’t be defeated by Covid-19. We will hold our Two-Stroke MX World Championships, World Vet MX Championships, Day in the Dirt, Lucas Off-Road Championships and many more events that Glen Helen delivers, even if it has to be delayed. Please keep checking our website and social media for updates.

Please be safe and healthy – We will see you all soon at the Track.

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