Klim Updated Off-Road Gear

Cycle News Staff | March 24, 2020

Klim has updated its off-road gear with redesigned Dakar and Mojave jerseys and fresh new colors across the board. Klim gear is engineered through testing in the Rocky Mountains and in the North American deserts and race-tested in enduro courses. Here’s a look at the highlights of the updated Klim gear:

Klim has updated its off-road gear

Klim Dakar Series

The Dakar series gear is a blend of durability and airflow, featuring massive adjustable vents on the pant legs in addition to multiple stretch panels, leather overlays, and heavy-duty 840D Cordura in key areas. The redesigned Dakar jersey has tough sleeves, vented sides, a zippered sleeve pocket and a lightweight body. The pants come both ITB (in-the-boot) and over-the-boot styles.

Klim Dakar Gear

Klim Dakar Prices and Colors:

Colors: Sage, Gray-Orange, Black, Black-Red, Blue
Dakar Jersey: $69.99
Dakar ITB Pants: $189.99
Dakar Pants: $209.99-$229.99
Dakar Gloves: $39.99

Klim Off-Road Gear

VIDEO | Klim Dakar Jacket Overview

Klim Mojave Series

The Mojave series pushes the balance towards airflow while maintaining durability, with pants featuring the same key materials as in the Dakar Pant, but with fully open mesh panels for full-time airflow in hot weather. The redesigned Mojave jersey also features a more open mesh body material for more airflow, while upgrading to the same durable sleeve material found in the Dakar Jersey. The pants come both ITB (in-the-boot) and over-the-boot styles.

Klim Mojave Off-Road Gear

Klim Mojave Prices and Colors:

Colors: Blue-His-Vis, Sage-Orange, White-Blue, Green
Mojave Jersey: $59.99
Mojave ITB Pants: $169.99
Mojave Pants: $199.99-$219.99
Mojave Gloves: $34.99

Klim Off-Road Gear

Klim XC Lite Series

Engineered with the aggressive trail rider and racer in mind, the XC Lite series puts extra focus on comfort in extremely demanding conditions, where airflow, moisture-wicking materials and highly flexible fabrics can make or break the experience. Still, durability isn’t pushed aside with leather overlays and durable fabrics in high-wear areas.

Klim XCLite Off-Road Gear

Klim XC Lite Prices and Colors:

Colors: Orange-White, Gray-Blue, Pink-Tan, Black-Green, Blue-Purple
XC Lite Jersey: $39.99
XC Lite Pants: $99.99-$129.99
XC Lite Gloves: $29.99

Klim Updated Off-Road Gear

VIDEO | Dakar Off-Road Motorcycle Gear

Klim Racer Support Program

As the riding season heats up across the country, Klim is proud to help out competitive riders with its Racer Support Program. The program is meant to help ease the financial burden of racing for privateers who meet the qualifications of the program. Privateers and amateur racers alike are encouraged to apply for the Klim Racer Support Program.

Visit the link Klim Announces Racer Support Program on CycleNews.com for more information.

For more information, call 208/552-7433 or visit www.klim.com


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