2020 Aprilia RS 660 Sneak Peek

Rennie Scaysbrook | October 29, 2019

That most magical (and busy, if you’re a motorcycle publication) time of year is almost here as EICMA 2019 kicks off this Sunday, November 3, and Aprilia has just dropped the first hint of what the 2020 Aprilia RS 660 sportbike is going to look like.

2020 Aprilia RS 660 Sneak Peak
Crappy image, we know. But if you squint closely, you can see Twins Cup lap records being broken.

We saw the prototype at last year’s EICMA Show, and then we saw it in the metal when we attended the Aprilia All-Stars Day at Mugello ahead of the RSV4 1100 Factory intro earlier this year (below), so we have a bit of an idea what we’re in for.
What we don’t know is exactly how big the motor is (the badge says 660, but that doesn’t mean it’s 660cc), how much it weighs, what electronics (if any) come with it and finally, what it costs.

What we do know is this bike is likely to become the twins class benchmark the second it is released on the world stage. Currently, the twins class (and MotoAmerica’s Twins Cup) is dominated by commuter machines turned into racebikes, not dedicated sportbikes like the Aprilia. That’s going to mean Yamaha and Suzuki will likely need to go back to the drawing board if they want to compete against the Aprilia, especially so given the rumors are saying 100 hp on tap and sub-400 lb weight, which comes down even more when out into race trim.

2020 Aprilia RS 660 Sneak Peak 1
The RS660 prototype on display at Mugello in March this year.

We also know that the 660 platform will likely spawn a bunch of new models, including an adventure bike and nakedbike, but Aprilia is keeping very tight-lipped about this when we rang them today to see what else is coming.

For now, this grainy little image taken from Aprilia America’s Instagram page is all we have to go by. But, oh boy, are we pumped about it…

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