Joan Mir Released From Hospital and Returns Home

Press Release | August 12, 2019

Team Suzuki Ecstar rider Joan Mir has finally been discharged after being hospitalized from his crash at the Czech MotoGP.

This is a press release from Team Suzuki…

Team Suzuki Ecstar rider Joan Mir, who suffered an accident during the last MotoGP test at the Czech circuit in Brno last week, has finally been discharged after being hospitalized for a pulmonary contusion that saw him under medical observation for seven days.

After initial treatment at the medical center at the circuit, he was transferred by helicopter to the FN Bohunice University Hospital, where he remained for three days. He was finally able to travel to Barcelona on Friday in a medical plane, as he was unable to compete in the Grand Prix of Austria.

Upon his arrival at the Dexeus University Hospital, his treatment was supervised by Dr. Angel Charte’s medical team. Dr Charte is the MotoGP™ World Championship Doctor and Head of the Internal Medicine Unit at the Dexeus Hospital. After extensive tests, including several CT scans, the group of doctors detected that the lung still had inflammation due to the large amount of bruising. They therefore decided to keep him in and give him daily checks to expedite his recovery and avoid possible complications.

Four days later, the same medical team have decided, after a last round of tests that revealed an improvement, to let Joan go home – where he will continue to rest until another medical check next week at the same hospital.


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