New 100% ARMEGA Goggle Introduced

Cycle News Staff | May 8, 2019

100% introduced an all-new goggle to its growing lineup of championship-winning products this week at a private event held in San Diego. The new 100% ARMEGA Goggle features a powersports industry-first 3-D molded polycarbonate lens incorporating clips and other features to lock it into the goggle’s semi-rigid outer frame. 100% says this system provides a stronger goggle-to-lens connection. The lens on the new ARMEGA goggle snaps in place quickly and easily and is ultimately secured by two substantial side clips under the strap outriggers. 100% also touts “Ultra High Definition” clarity with the new lens design.

The new 100 Percent ARMEGA Goggle features a new 3-D molded polycarbonate lens and innovative ventilation to reduce the chances of sweat getting onto the lens.

Also unique is the 100% ARMEGA goggles construction using a co-molded two-piece frame system that essentially blends the more rigid outer frame with the softer, more flexible frame material closer to the riders face.

The ARMEGA goggle was in development for three years and this showcases some of the prototypes from that process.

One of the most intriguing new features introduced on the new 100% ARMEGA is the innovative sweat channel system that allows saturated face foam to release sweat forward into the perforated and channeled frame, directing the moisture away from the riders face and out around the goggle frame. This feature is said to reduce the amount of sweat dripping into your face or splashing on the inside of the lens.

The 100% ARMEGA frame includes channels to direct sweat away from your face.

The ARMEGA comes ready for standard and laminate tear-offs and a roll-off system will be available soon. You can expect the 100% athletes, which includes Cooper Webb, Marvin Musquin, Chase Sexton and Dylan Ferrandis to debut the ARMEGA Goggle at the opening round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship at Hangtown on May 18th.

Colt Nichols was among the 100% athletes on hand to show off the new ARMEGA goggle in action.

The new 100% ARMEGA Goggle includes three different options for lenses with the following suggested retail prices:

  • ARMEGA Goggles with Clear Lens: $90.00
  • ARMEGA Goggles with Mirror Lens: $100.00
  • ARMEGA Goggles with HiPER Lens: $120.00

The ARMEGA is available at motorcycle dealers and accessory stores starting today (May 8, 2019).

NBA Legend Bill Walton, Cycling World Champion Peter Sagan and Supercross star Marvin Musquin at the 100% ARMEGA goggle intro.
NBA Legend Bill Walton, Cycling World Champion Peter Sagan and Supercross star Marvin Musquin talk about the new 100% ARMEGA goggle at the introduction.


100% athletes at the ARMEGA goggle introduction.
There was an impressive group of 100% athletes on hand for the new ARMEGA goggle introduction.

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Below are more detail and product images of the new 100% ARMEGA goggle.

The new 100% ARMEGA Goggle