Leatt Velocity 6.5 Goggle Introduced

Cycle News Staff | March 7, 2019

We have to admit that when we got the invite for the new Leatt Velocity 6.5 goggle introduction, nobody on the Cycle News staff was very excited about attending. We assumed it would be another “me too” goggle with the Leatt logo stitched into the strap. The intro was scheduled for 6:00 pm on a Wednesday night at the Leatt office in Santa Clarita, California. That location is 100 + miles on the opposite side of Southern California for any of the CN staff and with commute time traffic patterns, it is a three-hour drive followed by a two-hour return trip after the event. Fortunately, that return trip was a little less painful due to the innovative goggle that was presented to the media that night.

Leatt Velocity 6.5 goggles in white and red-teal color options.
The Leatt Velocity 6.5 goggle combines some new ideas to produce a high-end goggle option.

The new Leatt Velocity 6.5 goggle includes a lot of new thinking that results in a top-notch piece of dirt bike eye protection. To begin with, the lens retention / replacement system is among the easiest to date. A simple flip of the two outriggers that hold the strap allows you to pop the lens out. And that lens is a double-pane design that would be more commonly found on a ski or snowmobile goggle. This provides incredible anti-fog performance that does not rely on a coating on the inside of the lens. The lens is also literally bullet-proof and mounted to a heavy duty frame that will keep it all in place in heavy impacts. The lens and frame are also designed to provide a place for water and mud to drain out of the bottom.

Leatt Velocity 6.5 goggle disassembled.
This is the Leatt Velocity 6.5 goggle disassembled. The nose piece is also removable.

The triple-layer foam includes an anti-sweat fleece backing and is attached to a pliable frame that is separate from the harder top frame that holds the lens. The two pieces click together via multiple hooks and this removable feature is designed to allow you to more easily clean the goggles.

Leatt Velocity goggle lens with bullet shot.
Leatt is promoting the fact that their new Velocity 6.5 goggle lens is bullet proof. To prove the point, they showed a video with it being shot with a 22 caliber gun at point blank range (multiple times) and provided a lens as evidence.

The Velocity 6.5 goggles also have two tear-off options. You can choose between traditional separate tear-offs or the laminated packs that include 7 tear-offs. And if you will be riding in extreme conditions, Leatt created a roll-off system that easily clicks into the outriggers and tear-off post that are standard on all of the lenses. The roll-off system includes a 48mm roll (The Scott Prospect roll-off system uses a 50mm film while the 100% Forecast is 45mm).

Leatt Velocity 6.5 goggle on a rider with a helmet.
The Velocity 6.5 goggle is a pretty large frame but we found that it fits nicely in most helmets and is comfortable.

Leatt Velocity 6.5 Goggle Pricing

There are three versions of the Leatt Velocity 6.5 Goggle:

  • The “standard” Leatt Velocity 6.5 Goggle includes a clear lens plus one of the tinted lenses (varies by goggle color option) with a suggested retail price of $79.99. There are seven color options.
  • The Leatt Velocity 6.5 Iriz comes with an “Iriz” mirror lens plus a clear lens and has a suggested retail price of $89.99. There are six color options.
  • The Leatt Velocity 6.5 Roll-Off Goggle has a suggested retail price of $99.99. There are four color options.

Leatt is offering 9 optional lenses that vary in light transmission with a little as 20% and up to 83% for the clear. The lenses are interchangeable between the various goggles and have a suggested retail of $9.99 up to $24.99 for the Iriz mirrored options.

Leatt offers the Velocity 6.5 goggle with a roll off system for $99.99 or as an option that is easily installed on the standard goggles.

Check out the Leatt teaser video:

The Leatt Velocity 6.5 Goggle is available at your favorite motorcycle retail outlets now.

For more information, please visit www.leatt.com

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