Motocross: Ivan Tedesco Calls It A Career

Cycle News Staff | July 26, 2014
  Ivan Tedesco retires

Former 125cc National MX Champion Ivan Tedesco says he’s done with racing.

Ivan Tedesco, a former 125cc National Motocross Champion, a two-time 125cc West Coast Supercross Champion and three times Motocross of Nations Champion, says he’s done with racing.

“It has been a roller coaster since I started racing pro at the end of 1999 at Millville,” he said while announcing his retirement from RCH Soaring Eagle Suzuki this weekend. “I have had a lot of success…and a lot of failure. However, the one thing I can do is to walk away from this deal knowing I gave it my all every time I got on my motorcycle. In the end that’s all you can ask of a person—give it your all.”

Tedesco spend some of his racing career at Suzuki, racing along side Ricky Carmichael.

“I made the decision to go over to Suzuki to be teammates with Ricky Carmichael,” Tedesco said. “I learned so much from RC. I am thankful for his friendship, the opportunity to train with him and the help his parents have always given me. They treated me like family and did everything they could to help. I had a successful rookie Supercross season finishing fourth behind Carmichael, Stewart and Reed.”

After turning pro, nearly 14 years to the day, Tedesco says it’s time to hang up his boots.

  Ivan Tedesco

Tedesco finished out his racing career on the Soaring Eagle/RCH Suzuki Team.

“It’s never easy to quit something you’ve done for so long, but the time has come where racing just isn’t the same as it used to be,” says Tedesco. “I always told myself when the day comes that I’m not competitive anymore; I need to walk away; that time is now.”

Tedesco, however, won’t be leaving the sport. He will remain with the Soaring Eagle/RCH Suzuki Team and continue to test the Suzuki’s and help get the bikes ready for the team’s future riders.

“From RCH’s perspective, we are honored that he finished out his illustrious career with RCH Soaring Eagle and on a Suzuki,” says co-principal Carey Hart. “We are grateful to have Ivan’s testing expertise for RCH moving forward. It just wouldn’t be the same not having ‘Hot Sauce’ to spice things up around here!”

“I have nothing to be bummed about,” says Tedesco. “I can say I have never given less than 100% and have enjoyed proving people wrong. I’m grateful for the opportunities I have been given and the friendships I have made. I love dirt bikes and racing and look forward to finding my new career within the sport because this is what I love to do.

“Thank you to my fans, who have always had my back and motivated me to keep going! I hope to see you all at the races soon.”