Deegan Vs. Pastrana – Again!

Press Release | June 4, 2009

The following is from Brian Deegan’s publicist…Whether Brian Deegan is back flipping his dirt bike off an 80 foot ramp to dirt, Racing Top Performance Off-Road Trucks or Speeding down forest roads at speeds of up to 100 MPH one thing is for sure, Brian Deegan was born to ride! This weekend in Wellsboro, PA Brian Deegan will put his skills to the test and get behind the wheel of a Super Production Class Subaru Impreza Rally Car to compete against the likes of Ken Block, Dave Mirra and long time rival Travis Pastrana in STPR 2009.This should be an interesting event for Brian, being that it’s his first ever Rally Car Race. Just two weeks ago Brian made his way to Team O’Neil Rally School in New Hampshire and spent 4 days learning the techniques of rallying. Brian said in a recent interview:

“I plan to take STPR 2009 at my own pace”.

Brian will be teaming up with Chrissie Beavis, Co-Driver for top Rally Driver Tanner Foust who will not be racing due to previous commitments with formula drift. In rally there is a lot of trust between the driver and co-driver. Brian is used to relying on his own judgment to win in a competition, however, this time Brian will have to rely on his teammate Chrissie Beavis to direct them through the forest roads of Wellsboro, PA.

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