ISDE Poland Team USA Update VI

| September 15, 2004

The U.S. Trophy Team continues to struggle in Poland. And according to our reporter, Steve Berkner, the US ISDE Trophy Team remained in 13th overall after Day Two, thanks to a repeat performance of their Day One efforts. Official test times showed that overall individual rider’s scores remained basically the same, however, Kurt Caselli (Right) turned in another great ride to remain top American.

Caselli has been flying in the tests so far and after finishing fifth place in the Enduro 2 class on Day One with a score of 1:04.10, Caselli’s Day-Two efforts gave him a score of 1:04.34, to reward him with a sixth place finish. Caselli dropped one position on the day due to a minor fall in one of the tests.

As we reported earlier Nathan Kanney had to undergo surgery to repair a ruptured spleen and Berkner spoke with US Trophy Team Manager Drew Smith about Kanney’s absence.

“The team is definitely feeling the absence of Nate,” Smith said. “Were now in a position were every rider’s scores count.”

Smith then went on to say, “The whole team needs to pick things up. It’s all about intensity. We need to be just a little quicker everywhere. We need to dig a little deeper everywhere.”

As for the US Junior Trophy team, “The US Junior Trophy Team efforts kept them last place again,” Berkner said. “Finishing in 13th place behind Junior Trophy Team leaders Spain who moved up from second to first place.”

Going into the next few days rain is in the forecast, giving the riders a break from the dry conditions of the first two days of competition.

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By Brendan Lutes