Carr Again at Peoria

| August 20, 2001
Never has anyone dominated a race track like Chris Carr has dominated the Peoria Motorcycle Club’s Peoria Raceway Park TT track. Carr won his first National in 1986 on the historic track, and 15 years later the 34-year-old Pennsylvanian notched his 13th Peoria win and his 50th career win at Peoria Raceway Park yesterday. It was round 14 of the 20 race Progressive Insurance U.S. Flat Track Championships.

Once again rain played an important part of the weekend. Heavy rains moved through the Peoria area on Saturday that left the normally challenging track soft and easily rutted. Even so, Carr was his typical dominant self, leading every lap of the main event aboard his Kenny Tolbert-tuned Harley-Davidson of Sacramento/Phoenix Racing-backed entry. Though the race was interrupted by two restarts, nothing could derail Carr as he added to his historic Peoria win total.

“I wasn’t thinking about the 50 win thing until JB (Norris) started in, but that’s cool,” said the Harley-Davidson of Sacramento / Phoenix Racing backed Carr. “I won my first here, now my 50th and I won the 50th annual race here a couple of years ago. I’ve got a lot of milestones I’ve been able to accomplish at this facility, it makes it all that much more special.”

Team Harley-Davidson’s Rich King was second, and current Progressive Insurance U.S. Flat Track Champion Joe Kopp completed the podium. Here are the main event results and series points standings after from the Peoria TT:

GRAND NATIONAL (25 laps, 18 riders): 1. Chris Carr (Rtx); 2. Rich King (H-D); 3. Joe Kopp (Rtx); 4. Mike Hacker (ATK); 5. J.R. Schnabel (W-R); 6. Bryan Bigelow (Rtx); 7. Brett Landes (CCM); 8. Ron Hall (Rtx); 9. Johnny Murphree (CCM); 10. Paul Lynch (Rtx); 11. Greg Tysor (Rtx); 12. Will Davis (ATK); 13. Terry Poovey (Rtx); 14. Jason Tyer (Rtx); 15. Willie McCoy (ATK); 16. Nicky Hayden (ATK); 17. Geo Roeder II (ATK); 18. Gary Rogers (Rtx).
Time: None, due to red flags.
AMA/PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE U.S. FLAT TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES POINT STANDINGS (after 14 of 20 rounds): 1. Chris Carr (221/5 wins); 2. Joe Kopp (210/1 win); 3. Will Davis (161/4 wins); 4. Rich King (155/1 win); 5. Ken Coolbeth Jr. (119); 6. Mike Hacker (115); 7. J.R. Schnabel (105/1 win); 8. Johnny Murphree (102); 9. Jay Springsteen (87); 10. Geo Roeder II (86); 11. Bryan Bigelow (82); 12. Willie McCoy (67); 13. Terry Poovey (62); 14. Nicky Hayden (57); 15. Steve Beattie (55); 16. Kevin Varnes (49); 17. Shawn Clark (46); 18. Brett Landes (37); 19. Shaun Russell (33); 20. Greg Tysor (28).

By Dave Hoenig