World MX Schedule Changes

Press Release | March 3, 2010

The following is a release from Youthstream:The FIM Motocross World Championship MX1/MX2/WMX and the FIM Veterans’ Motocross World Cup calendars underwent the following changes.The Grand Prix of Italy at Fermo and the Grand Prix of Lombardia at Mantova swapped dates. The Grand Prix of Lombardia (Italy) is currently the second round of the FIM Motocross World Championship and will take place on the April 11 weekend. The Grand Prix of Italy will be the last of the 15 rounds and will happen on the September 12 weekend.The Grand Prix of Great Britain will take place in Chepstow.Valkenswaard will host the second round of the FIM Veterans’ World Cup while Teutschenthal will host the fifth round of the FIM Women’s World Championship.The updated calendar is the following:

DATE                  GRAND PRIX                  VENUE                  WORLD CHAMP/CUP                  SUPPORT RACE

04 April                  BULGARIA                  Sevlievo                  Women                 

11 April                  LOMBARDIA (I)                  Mantova                  Veteran                  UEM 125 2t

25 April                  THE NETHERLANDS                  Valkenswaard                  Veteran                 

09 May                  PORTUGAL                  Agueda                  Women                 

16 May                  CATALUNYA (E)                  Bellpuig                  Women                  UEM 125 2t

30 May                  GREAT BRITAIN                  Chepstow                  Veteran                  UEM 125 2t

06 June                  FRANCE                  Saint Jean d’Angely                  Women                  UEM 125 2t

20 June                  GERMANY                  Teutschenthal                  Women                  UEM 125 2t

27 June                  LATVIA                  Kegums                  Veteran                 

04 July                  SWEDEN                  Uddevalla                 

UEM 125 2t

01 August                  LIMBURG (B)                  Lommel                  Veteran                 

08 August                  CZECH REPUBLIC                  Loket                  Women                  UEM 125 2t

22 August                  BRAZIL                  Campo Grande                 

05 September                  BENELUX (NL)                  Lierop                  Veteran                 

12 September                  ITALY                  Fermo                  Women                  UEM 125 2t

26 September – Red Bull FIM Motocross Of Nations – USA, Denver, Lakewood


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