AMA Reverses Decision

Paul Carruthers | July 9, 2004

The following release is from AMA Pro Racing…

AMA Pro Racing announced today that it has reversed the penalties assessed to Joe Kopp and Kevin Atherton at round six of the AMA Progressive Insurance Flat Track Championship held at Allen County Fairgrounds in Lima, Ohio on June 26. The penalties were the result of illegal fuel found in the motorcycles of both riders.

In reversing the penalties, AMA Pro Racing Director of Competition, Merrill Vanderslice said that there was concern over the way the fuel was handled during testing. “We conducted an internal review of the steps that were taken in the handling of the fuel samples and determined that the samples were not originally sealed to our standards,” said Vanderslice. “Accordingly, we made the decision to reverse the penalties.”

A field test at the Lima round determined that the fuel was not in compliance with AMA Flat Track rules. An independent lab confirmed the field test but the concern over the handing of the fuel prompting AMA Pro Racing to make its ruling.

“We follow a rigid protocol and must have absolute confidence in our testing process from start to finish. Unfortunately, in this particular instance, we did not,” said Vanderslice.

The 23 points that were taken from each rider have been re-applied to their respective championship totals.

Paul Carruthers | Editor

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