Overnight Sensation

Paul Carruthers | May 4, 2001
Jennifer Snyder, whose tailpipe is still cooling after her win at the National Dirt Track Series Virginia Mega Mile season opener, will soon be featured on MTV’s “Mandy” in the ‘Women in Extreme Sports’ segment. Snyder is scheduled to shoot a feature with MTV in Key West this June.

Snyder can also be heard on SpeedFreaks radio this Sunday evening in the Los Angeles and Dallas markets, joining the ranks of 10-time NHRA champion John Force, NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr., Baja champ Ivan ‘Ironman’ Stewart and CART’s Gil de Ferran, who have all shared the airwaves with Kenny Sargent on SpeedFreaks radio.

But Snyder has kept her cool. “I understand people’s amazement with what I am doing,” Snyder said in an SFX press release. “But, honestly, that gets a little old. I’m not out here because I am a girl. I am out here to race motorcycles. I want to be looked at for what I am doing on the race track.”

Paul Carruthers | Editor

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