Tokyomods ECU Reprogramming Review

| February 23, 2021

Tokyomods ECU Reprogramming service is designed to fix that hiccup, or momentary hesitation, that disrupts the 2021 Honda CRF450R’s power delivery at low rpm at initial throttle opening.

Tokyomods ECU Reprogramming
Tokyomods will take your Honda’s ECU, fix that power-delivery glitch, and make your life much happier.

By Matt Bussell

The Tokyomods ECU Reprogramming service is also a must if you plan to make alterations to your bike’s exhaust system or any performance-enhancing engine modification. The company will take your bike’s ECU, perform their magic, and give it back to you, claiming their modification will “significantly improve the throttle response and power” and “eliminate the extreme throttle sensitivity at low speeds.” In a nutshell, you send your bike’s ECU to Tokymods and they will make your life much happier.

Lowdown | Tokyomods ECU Reprogramming

Standout Feature: A simple quick fix to improve the ’21 Honda CRF450R’s power delivery

MSRP: $149.95 (Plus shipping)

Rider Analysis | Tokyomods ECU Reprogramming

Honda’s all-new 2021 CRF450R was the most anticipated motocross model of the new year and it, indeed, lived up to many of the high expectations that came with it. Unfortunately, it also came with one “minor” flaw that put a damper on the bike’s whole riding experience. It didn’t take long for those hopped on the ’21 CRF450R for the first time to notice a somewhat annoying hiccup or slight hesitation in the bike’s power delivery when you first crack the throttle. As a result, the Honda felt heavy and lethargic off the bottom, ruining the balance and overall feel of the CRF’s powerful engine. This is where Tokyomods came to my rescue.

The crew at Tokyomods created their own ECU settings for the Honda that remedies this issue. Removing the stock ECU for shipping is a basic process that takes about 20 minutes. The ECU is located on the bottom portion of the airbox near the rear shock.

Honda CRF450R ECU removal
Removing and re-installing the CRF450R’s ECU is a breeze.

Then visit, and simply complete an online ECU form (which asks you some basic questions about your bike/riding and the type of fuel you plan on using) and ship your ECU to Tokyomods, which is located in San Juan Capistrano, California. Once received, Tokyomods quickly re-maps your ECU, and it leaves the shop the very next day. I live in Reno, Nevada, and the whole process took less than a week. By the way, I spoke with a Honda dealer who said they expect an ECU fix from Honda but didn’t know when. I didn’t want to wait.

Installing the updated ECU is just as easy as removing it, just reverse the steps. No adjustments are necessary, simply plug it in and go ride!

The ’21 CRF450R has three ECU modes: Mode 1 (standard), Mode 2 (smooth) and Mode 3 (aggressive). Mode 1 is locked from the factory and cannot be re-programed, but modes 2 and 3 are open for business.

Installed and ready to ride, the difference in the re-mapped Tokyomods ECU settings is noticeable right away, even while just warming up the motorcycle on the stand. The instant crack of the throttle is noticeably cleaner and more responsive. While on the track, things get even better.

Tokyomods ECU Reprogramming
Your re-mapped ECU is ready to go once you receive it, just plug it in and go roost.

Tokyomods created what it calls a “torque setting” for map 2. This setting greatly cleaned up the rich, dirty feeling and provided a smooth and linear power delivery from bottom to mid. This allows the bike to be ridden in a gear higher, especially entering and exiting turns. The improved initial throttle response makes the bike feel lighter and more playful.

Mode 3 was re-mapped with a “motocross setting.” This mode also cleans up the initial throttle response and bottom end, while still pulling strong and quickly into the upper rpm range of the engine. This setting was excellent for faster tracks and higher-speed terrain. Both settings are a significant improvement over the stock ECU settings. These settings allow you to utilize the full potential of the Honda’s powerful engine.

Yes, it’s a little unfortunate having to spend more money on a brand-new motorcycle, but while it might not be an absolutely necessary purchase, it is, in my opinion, one well worth it.

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